Tubelite's INT14 Framing System

March 26, 2024
This interior flush glaze framing offers design versatility for floor-to-ceiling room enclosures or free standing.

Tubelite's INT14 Interior Flush Glaze Framing system supports a transparent, flexible design. The framing is an opaque metal that holds the glass, featuring versatile design options for floor-to-ceiling room enclosures or free-standing partitions with aluminum frames that interface with metal studs and drywall construction. Tubelite INT14 is a 2 in. face and 4.5 in. depth that accommodates 90-degree, 180-degree, and T post options. Rotational mullions allow angular wall corners greater than 90 degrees. Butt-glazed and sill options are available. Features 0.5 in. glazing.