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Obviously Influenced

June 28, 2017

1. From large-scale brushstrokes to the rich patina of oxidized stonework, Innovations’ printed cork Chimera is based on the architectural cues of underground and ancient cities.  Realized in a striking scale—almost a yard of vertical repeat—the amorphic pattern overlays an organic, textural substrate of cork and foil. The 35-inch wallcovering is offered in six colorways.

2. Bend has partnered with Wax Surf Co. to design resin tabletops. The bespoke tops are made from recycled resin material that is traditionally used to make surfboards. Each of the eco-friendly tabletops are completely unique. The Wax Side Table is available with white and black base color options and custom resin tabletop colors.

3. Made from recycled coffee grinds, Recycled Coffee Tiles are pressed and held together with resin. Available from Architectural Systems, Inc., the panels are 95-percent recycled coffee grinds and 5-percent resin. The product is suitable for vertical applications including walls, backsplashes, and display elements.

4. Designer Mac Stopa has released River Snake for the Tonon collection by Sandler Seating. The modular stool can be used singularly or grouped together and supported by an optional aluminum ganging system. Manufactured from Soft Touch Plus polyurethane material and reinforced with a steel internal subframe, this construction offers a cushioned yet supportive base, which is additionally weatherproof and flame-retardant.

5. The Agrarian Collection by Fireclay Tile introduces eight bold patterns influenced by the picturesque agricultural landscape surrounding the company’s factory in Northern California. The 8-inch x 8-inch tile designs are based on aerial photography of geometric crop formations that come together to make an idyllic patchwork quilt effect. With three colorways, designers can mix and match linear grid patterns with circular pivot shapes.

6. Burch has expanded its Artisan Series with Meander. With its sweeping twists and turns, Meander’s intricately sketched line work gives way to an abstract pattern rooted in nature. A palette of seven colors shows how pure pigments and primary hues can create sophistication and drama. Burch is backed by the powerful performance of Sunbrella Contract fabrics, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

7. The Glamour wall and floor collection from Florida Tile evokes the timeless allure of Hollywood’s Golden Age. The tiles are structured with visual texture for spaces in which a surface’s design is the main story: waves, geometric shapes, and straight lines. With 10 decors, Glamour features a 9-inch x 18-inch (pressed), plus 12-inch x 24-inch, and 14-inch x 39-inch large-format rectified ceramic wall tiles in pristine glossy
white, mirror, and gold.

8. Brentano introduces three products to its Ceramic collection of radiant and resilient textiles. Iliad is a contemporary stripe that highlights an inspiring combination of color and includes an INCASE finish and acrylic backing. Mesa’s handwoven look and intriguing texture creates a distinctive design in a blend of thick linen and viscose chenille yarns. Graviata is a jacquard velvet with a geometric motif and intricate repeat.

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