Aug. 29, 2022
With its powder coated metal design balancing dark and light, this LED fixture is available in a variety of options.

In Yellow Goat Design's new collection, Radiance, the lighting company created three designs that are mutable and beautiful in nature. The Crescent cluster is an ode to the positions of the moon; the Equinox (shown) changes in shape and orientation to herald the arrival of the seasons. The crowning jewel, Bijou, is a classic shape with abstract tendencies. Each of these unique designs is shown in various size, finish and form to allow the viewer to imagine the endless possibilities of the company's bespoke designs.

Since the earliest civilizations, the Equinox event have been celebrated and impacted our cultural selves and our understanding of a mysterious universe. As Equinox is the moment of a balance between day and night, its powder coated metal design is a balance between dark and light, harmony and chaos, obeying a cosmic rhythm, it flows through the space, following the movement of the sun. This LED fixture is available in a variety of options.