Ruvati's Murano Collection

May 29, 2024
This line of handcrafted glass vessel sinks brings swirls of colors to the bathroom.

Ruvati’s Murano Collection brings vibrancy to the bathroom with Italian glass vessel sinks. Handcrafted with Murano glass with a shimmering iridescent swirl of colors, these sinks come in circular and seashell designs that feature hues like Celestial Blue and Cosmic Black. With a 1.75-in. standard drain opening and no mounting ring required, they offer exceptional durability and a glossy finish. Circular: 16 in. dia. X 4 in. H. Seashell: 19 in. dia. X 18.5 in. W x 13.75 in. front-to-back x 6 in. H.