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Engravings Collection

Móz Designs is adding six new patterns to its Engravings Collection, the three-dimensional decorative metal surfacing solution that merges digital technology and artisan craftsmanship...

Perforated Metal System

Móz Designs has released its Perforated Metal System. This versatile material can be used in interiors or exteriors to create surfaces, add partitions, enhance privacy, or diffuse...
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Digital Imagery

Móz Designs presents Digital Imagery—a unique new metal surfacing material that combines the visuals of photography or abstract art with the textural grains of Móz metals. This...


Flare is the latest addition to Móz Designs’ Graphix Collection, a series of graphically-enhanced aluminum panels designed for distinctive commercial interiors. Each panel features...

Graphix Column Covers

Móz Designs’ Graphix Color Collection is now available on all Móz ETA (easy-to-assemble) metal architectural products, including column covers in round, square, oval and racetrack...


Gradients from Móz Designs is a series of iridescent metal surfaces the merge vibrant tones into subtle neutrals. It is the latest offering in the Móz Blendz collection and features...

Neutrals Collection

Expands its Metal Laminates line with the introduction of a sophisticated new Neutrals Collection. Featuring a wide range of subtle colors and 16 hand-etched, nature-inspired ...

Metalwoodz Aluminum Panels

Móz Designs showcases Metalwoodz, wood-toned solid core aluminum panels that can be utilized as a dramatic surface laminate or as a rigid architectural product. Fusing the warmth...