i+s Editor Lauren Brant's Product Pick of the Week: Plaid

Oct. 11, 2023
i+s Editor Lauren Brant highlights Turf Designs' Plaid ceiling scape.

Turf recently introduced Plaid to its already robust offering of acoustic solutions that blend art, architecture and technology. This innovative ceiling design marries aesthetics with functionality. Through its thoughtful design and the use of parametricism, Plaid uses gridlock connection to tee-grid infrastructure for seamless integration with existing elements like HVAC, lighting and vents. Plaid boasts a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) spanning 0.60-0.90 and offers extensive customization options, from colors in Turf's 32-color palette to tile caps, spacing and layouts. Plaid is a criss-cross ceiling system that will never go out of style, giving specifiers a ceiling solution that perfectly combines style and practicality for various commercial spaces.

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