Oct. 31, 2022
This vibrant carpet collection from Brintons features 19 bespoke designs that are suitable for a variety of applications.

Born from rhythm and repetition, Brintons' new vibrant carpet collection is aptly titled 1PULSE. The static from an old television, the curves of paint on a graffiti wall, smudges on the windows from a dog’s nose, the words of a poem illustrated in sound waves are a few glimpses behind some of the designers’ personal experiences when developing the collection.

Leah L. Jack, vice president of design for Brintons Americas, explained how 1PULSE formed: “The original design brief assigned to the in-house team focused on the investigation of a universal method of communication. One that was greater than our own local language and customary ways of communication. Through their own personal exploration of ideas, a pattern soon became clear. One of rhythm and repetition similar to a heartbeat of all things. Continuing the Brintons culture of self expression in design, each designer developed their artwork for our multiple product ranges to further illustrate how versatile this collection can truly be.”

1PULSE offers 19 bespoke designs which have been developed across multiple product categories and are suitable for different applications. Each pattern is fully customizable and can be recolored on Brintons Design Studio Online at dso.brintons.net.

The patterns are displayed adjacent to coordinating collages of eclectic elements full of depth creating an interactive experience. Viewers are immediately met with a smiling monkey in front of a colorful palette of paint setting the tone for the rest of the brochure which mixes a punk rock spirit with more eccentric animals and elements.

The audience is challenged to try their hand at a built-in scavenger hunt. The goal of the hunt is to find hidden gems like the Union Jack and dancing kangaroos. Brintons Americas Vice President of Operations Johnny Massey brought the idea of a scavenger hunt to the team.

“After receiving the initial patterns from our in-house design team, we decided to tie the collection together with collages. Once the collection was complete, we landed on the idea of repeating some of the characters across the different collages and presenting it as a scavenger hunt which could be a great way of engaging viewers. It’ll be a fun exercise to do with people in person and will ensure everyone will repeatedly look at the collection. It’s a quirky and fun idea, just like the designs.”

What started as a conversation between colleagues discussing methods of communication beyond their native tongue that could be universally understood by all, soon led to a conclusion that we are all connected through repetition in our everyday lives. Building on rhythm in art, the cadence of machinery, the swing of dance, and the pace of life... we are all unified by 1PULSE. 

1PULSE will debut at BDNY in New York City on Sunday, November 13, 2022.