Healthy Environments

June 8, 2018

The Healthy Environments carpet and hard surface collection is inspired by the alluring, soothing colors and textures of species native to the desert Southwest.

In addition to their natural beauty, the innate hardiness of these plants provides a paradigm for perseverance through difficult challenges and environments. Drawing inspiration from these plants and biophilic design, the Healthy Environments collection was created to advance healing and productivity in healthcare interiors.

Mohawk Group believes healthy environments nurture the positive connections that allow patients and care providers to thrive, and we are committed to innovating flooring solutions for optimum health and wellness.

The collection incorporates three coordinating carpet plank patterns influenced by nature:

  • Baccharis is inspired by the organic fluidity of desert broom plants.
  • Chitalpa features an organic grid visual in homage to the utilitarian desert willow branches.
  • Xeric’s randomly flowing appearance was influenced by the tops of mesquite trees and branches below.

The carpet planks are manufactured using Duracolor Tricor premium nylon fiber and come standard on Red List-free EcoFlex NXT carpet tile backing.

The Healthy Environments collection also includes four heterogeneous sheet patterns:

  • Sisalana features a non-directional, monolithic textile pattern resembling sisal.
  • Juniperus is a workhorse pattern with a wood visual reminiscent of the highly-valued juniper tree.
  • Geomorphic mimics the natural desert floor with a beautiful terrazzo appearance
  • Klei Firma provides a clean and sophisticated Adobe brick aesthetic.

The sheet patterns include a 20 mil commercial wear layer and an M-Force™ 1 Enhanced Urethane finish.