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Sources: New Interior Design Products and Furnishings from the July/August Issue of i+s

Aug. 17, 2023
Learn more about the products featured in the July/August issue of Interiors and Sources magazine.

ECOround is a thermoformed panel with a strong geometric character. It is a particular scenic element, which can enhance its retro flavor according to the color choice of the wide palette, but it can also become a lunar element of abstract landscapes.  Available in two different versions, ECOround absorbs reverberation by porosity or membrane to ensure effective performance depending on the function of the space. Particularly suitable for retrofitting, it can be used in already existing false ceilings in order to redesign new areas. It has a harmonious shape even if it is applied to the wall, where it highlights three-dimensionality.


Designed by Studio Charlie, Eclipse is a collection of brushed stainless steel bathroom fixtures with a shiny, upper rotating element in polished steel. The characteristic opening and water adjustment controls swivel out of the vertical axis of the base, reminiscent of the moon eclipsing the sun.



The Couro Pod hanging lamp joins together six American palm leaves to create an evocative light fitting. The seams of the  sewn leaves are part of the design, lending the lamps a “skeletal” look, each one different and unique, an organic composition. The rounded form and its dimensions (40 cm in height) lend the pieces great character and presence. Perfect for living rooms, dining areas and other commercial uses like in lobbies, hotels and restaurants.


Crafted with precision and care, the Pebble Collection Fountains bring a sense of serene elegance to both gardens and  outdoor spaces. Hand-carved from blocks of green marble, onyx, jurassic, or bamboo marble, these fountains add tranquil  beauty to any space they adorn. Available in an array of shapes from vase and bulb to ovoid and teardrop, and sizes from 24–48 in. tall and weigh up to 3,500 lbs.


High-comfort meets high-functionality with Brisa, a brand re-release with recycled backcloth made of eight plastic bottles per yard of fabric. Diverse shades and a softly textured grain combine to work as vertical and horizontal paneling. The blended  backcloth is engineered with recycled REPREVE polyester fibers. Acoustic properties help reduce noise when paired with appropriate components. Available in 54 colors and composed of 100% polycarbonate polyurethane surface and 65%  polyester, 35% rayon backing. Weighs approximately 8.9 oz. per square yard, with a thickness of 0.95 mm and width of 54 in.


Autentic is a Belgian designer of premium glamping bell tents. The products combine performance, comfort and beauty to offer you unique glamping experiences. “Dream” is classic bell and patrol tents crafted from high-quality cotton canvas. Luxuriously finished down to the smallest details featuring high-standing roll-up walls. “Supreme” are refined medium to  extra-large sized bell tents with oversized door openings and large windows. “Essential” are natural canvas bell tents featuring the same design and quality for which Autentic is renowned, keeping all the fundamentals but without the frills. Autentic tents cater to the discerning tastes of individuals, glamping sites, event organizations, and luxury outdoor furniture stores.


With clean lines, natural wood and a variety of beautiful stone tops (including durable Cambria Quartz options), the Amherst vanity unites luxury and function all within one piece. Beneath the stone top and wood case, this artisan-crafted modern bathroom vanity houses smooth, push-to-open drawers that give you plenty of storage.


The Evolution Collection from Bendheim offers softened lines of fluted texture in its Titanium-etched finish. The durable, maintenance-friendly material and its three-dimensional nature make Evolution ideal for a wide array of interior design roles. Its fingerprint-resistant surface is suited for wall cladding applications in high-traffic areas, while its gentle glow enhances the cleanest design. The fluted etched mirror maximizes light and reduces glare through diffused reflections. Available in silver, gray and bronze metallics as well as custom colors.


Riptide is an illustrative representation and interpretation of the way that water and sand can create unique shapes and patterns. To create the design, mosaic designer Jude Dahill used traditional pen and ink drawing as the base of the design and blended mixed media to achieve a balance between the bold linework and blending of the color gradients. The design is reminiscent of water flows and currents, large bodies of water, and sand dunes whose movements bring comfort. The collection’s original colorways are Ice in 1/2 in. vitreous glass, Turquoise in 1/2 in. vitreous glass, Graphite in 3/8 in. natural stone, and Desert in 3/8 in. natural stone but can be fully customized to feature any color story or tile type.


The Volcanic Shades of Marble are made of rock mineral changed by the heat, provoked due to contact with magma. The outcome is a distinctive tinged Yule marble appearance that contrasts with the unmasked porosity of the grey lava stone. The stools are available in five shades and three colors: red travertine marble, blue calcite and pineapple onyx. Dimensions for the stools stand at 16 x 12.9 x 16.9 in.; 13.2 x 13.2 x 16.9 in.; 14.9 x 14.9 x 15.9 in.; 13.7 x 13.7 x 17.1 in.; 9.8 x 9.8 x 19.8 in.


Kupetz, a new modular lighting system, enables the creation of endless volumes of organic shapes, with a single connection. Accessories enable its expansion in height, length and width. It is a 3D lighting system with a metal tubular system in matte black where four types of light sources can be combined: two opal white glass spheres (100 Glass and 150 Glass) and a spotlight with opal diffuser. The spotlights and base of the glass spheres come in three different finishes: black, copper and gold.


The Ampera Power Generating Office Bike is the brand’s newest workplace bike and its first to generate power from pedaling. Generates 70 watt/hr of electricity at 60 rpm. Pedaling at 13 mph will charge a cell phone to 50% power within an hour. The lightweight bike is made with fully recyclable plastic (high-impact polystyrene). Product features include an adjustable seat that fits under any standing desk and an app that adjusts resistance, tracks statistics and displays energy produced. Ampera can accommodate single users and teams. Dimensions are 25.6 in. L x 18.9 in. W x 33 to 40.5 in. H. Available starting September 2023.


Sandcastle is a fresh outdoor collection inspired by the fluctuating heights and cylindrical lines of a sandcastle. Composed of a series of tables, barstools and umbrella bases, the furniture is intended to be nested and grouped, naturally delineating outdoor lounge and dining rooms. An aluminum frame anchors the stools that are finished with a soft, integral foam seat providing elevated comfort in a tailored profile. Foam seats are water-resistant and highly resilient. Stools are also available with a powder-coated aluminum seat option. Tops are available in powder-coated aluminum, smooth fiberglass, porcelain, and engineered stone.


The Bolete BIO collection is the latest line from Patricia Urquiola, made of 100% natural origin BIO thermopolymer, and 100%recyclable, compostable and biodegradable material. Its ergonomic lounge chairs are reminiscent of mid-century design and pop culture, and the occasional table is meant to complement the seating, with an organic shape, expressive texture, and an eye-catching central base.


Rib Vault Light is modular lighting that recalls architectural rib-vaults which outlined the contours of a decorative ceiling or framed a preventive dome in church architecture. In the Vault Light, the form has been stripped to a minimum, a mere frame suspended in the air. Constructed from brass which can be either blackened or polished. The fixture hangs from a ceiling-mounted escutcheon plate. The light is made of brass, blown glass globes and LED bulbs. Size and shape are based on a triangular grid and are fully customizable.


Designed in collaboration with Gensler, the KASTA freestanding waste and recycling receptacles are available in four sizes (22, 30, 35 and 45-gallon) and multiple finishes, all crafted from cold-rolled powder-coated steel with 86% recycled content. They can be used independently or ganged to create just the right combo of disposal streams that include mixed recycling; glass; metal; plastic; paper; food waste/compost; landfill. Available in two top options featuring clean and informative label graphics that include both text and icons. There are also six body colors and nine top colors. 

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