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Nov. 22, 2022


Creating a work of art, furniture designer Stefan Borselius has mastered his craft with Spino, the latest offering from Scandinavian Spaces. Edginess with a modern flair, the slender curved angles of Spino effortlessly balance comfort and sophistication. The system can graciously undulate across a hotel lobby with wide soft turns to become the backbone of a room. Spino also adheres to the challenges of compact spaces, with narrow corners and individual modules. Or, completely transform Spino to better suit the mod waiting room by lining the modules up straight.


Cambria, a leading producer of American-made quartz surfaces, announced the addition of three new designs to its existing palette: Inverness Frost (shown), Oakleigh and Delamere. Inspired by the forces of nature that shape a landscape, the Inverness line was introduced in 2021 with four unique designs. Inverness Frost is the latest addition and features off-white veining on a cool white canvas. Debossing throughout the veining creates a subtle contrast of textures against the smooth background.


As much about comfort as form, Cove features a bowl-like seat that supports multiple postures. The high back provides visual and aural privacy,  while the swivel base option and coordinating ottoman make it suitable for collaborative settings. Offering tremendous flexibility, Cove’s additional fixed pedestal and sled base options further accommodate a variety in aesthetics and application. Bases may be powder-coated in an array of 26 VOC-free powder finishes to coordinate or contrast with the upholstery. Cove is also Greenguard IAQ and Level 1 certified, combining thoughtful design with innovative, green practices.


Montado gives Innovations’ classic cork wallcoverings a new direction. Instead of using the widest part of the cork bark, Montado uses slices from its side. These long, narrow strips are hand-trimmed to a standard width (4 cm) and hand-placed on metallic foil. With this shift, the natural pockets in the cork show a striking horizontal nature that’s accentuated with saturated surface dyes and glimpses of the metallic foil underneath. Montado is available in 12 colorways designed to complement the timeless warmth and texture of natural cork.


Greenmood brings the beauty of natural preserved plants and mosses indoors. Harvested manually in European forests, multi-tonal and textured moss is combined with metal frames to reduce noise pollution along with the undue stress it causes. All products are created without the addition of toxins or chemicals and, best of all, are completely maintenance free. Wrap columns, create custom green walls, logos and more.


Proper acoustics is an increasingly vital element of productive work spaces as well as seamlessly functioning public and communal spaces. Freeform ceiling baffles provide that in the form of an impressive ceiling structure or even way finding feature as it boasts completely customizable curves. The baffle distance gaps can also be tailored to suit sound absorption and reverberation needs. Freeform is made of a 9 mm felt structure with 30 colors available, and is laminated with 3 mm of felt that has 12 color options.


Celebrating the natural beauty of wood, Carl Hansen & Son’s new OW58 T-Chair remains loyal to Ole Wanscher’s original design. With a higher seat to accommodate a range of shapes and sizes, the OW58 T-Chair elegantly illustrates the careful process and many hours of carpentry that is required to achieve the smooth transition in every aspect of the design. The chair’s most striking detail is the T-shaped backrest which merges with the tightly placed back legs, giving the chair a three-legged appearance. Despite its light expression, the T-Chair has a generous upholstered seat that provides excellent comfort.


Versteel has added two enhancements to the already highly flexible seating collection Elly. The 10 in. × 14 in. swivel tablet arm and stainless-steel planter for the end, middle and corner linking tables answer the growing need for both ease of use and indoor greenery. Throw in some succulents or even an aloe plant to aid in air purification (and/or dry winter hands!)


Infinity Drain's new Center Drain Pro-Series delivers a competitive price point without skimping on reliability or distinctive design to cover a wide variety of finish, style and install possibilities. The series comes in four 5 in. x 5 in. styles including LTD 5 Tile Drain, LSD 5 Solid, LQD 5 Squares and LND 5 Slotted. Each style is available in five finishes including: Satin Stainless, Polished Stainless, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Bronze and Matte Black. Compatible with both traditional and liquid/fabric modern waterproofing methods.


Channeling the daring, industrial spirit of the early 1900s, "Aviator" propels the Grand Tour collection to a higher stratus, with a nod to vintage aircraft design. This marble tile pattern mixes machine carving, inlaid metal, and hand-finishing to evoke the early days of flight, when the metal surfaces of airplanes were riveted into place with irregular sheets.


Prioritizing material innovation, sustainability, cleanability, and stain-resistant technology, Supreen marries cutting-edge woven and coated technology with a proprietary silicone blend to create a complete liquid-barrier textile, reactively repelling liquids and preventing future stains—all without compromising softness, upholstery capability, or the environment. Combining this groundbreaking stain resistance with bleach cleanability and impressive breathability, Supreen exceeds industry standards when it comes to cleanliness, durability and aesthetics.


Creators of made-to-measure wallpaper murals, Wallsauce has launched its very own collection of designs.Inspired by the current trends of oversized abstracts combined with Bauhaus influences, the 12-piece collection offers statement designs for sophisticated feature walls. Available in a variety of colorways including pastel blues with baby pinks to ultra-dark tones with textures, the wallpaper murals have been strategically created by the in-house studio team at Wallsauce.


FIT is a minimal, clean aesthetic product that utilizes hard surface laminates in several solid color and woodgrain options, with choice of integrated glass along the top edge. The main purpose is to divide space and distribute power. The power rail is a functional design element, available in all standard metal color finish options which coordinate with other products and accessories. With minimal visual disruptions, aisleways become clean and cohesive, while station interiors allow for freedom in accessories and workstyles.


Introducing a dramatically enhanced product category for Wolf-Gordon, GATHER Acoustical Materials inject beautiful, color-saturated pattern design while helping to reduce noise, whether in workplace, education, hospitality or healthcare interiors. Formatted in a panel construction, GATHER is offered as a kit of parts for designers to customize. Twelve colorways in 4’ x 9’ panels that are ¼” thick can be used alone or cut and combined in color block compositions. GATHER™ can also be digitally printed, V-groove engraved, laser cut and folded into over twenty different high performing dimensional patterns. GATHER can also be layered to reveal contrasting color while enhancing NRC ratings.


The Rise collection is a story told through three “phases of discovery”: patterns Perseverance, Ingenuity and Hope (featured here)—a representation of the hospitality industry’s struggle and triumph through the pandemic. It’s based off very sculptural, bold effects, such as the kinetic lines of Hope, countered by a neutral color palette featuring a terracotta rose hue.


In Yellow Goat Design's new collection, Radiance, the lighting company created three designs that are mutable and beautiful in nature. The Crescent cluster is an ode to the positions of the moon; the Equinox (shown) changes in shape and orientation to herald the arrival of the seasons; Bijou, is a classic shape with abstract tendencies. Each of these unique designs is shown in various size, finish and form to allow the viewer to imagine the endless possibilities of the company's bespoke designs. 

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