Exclusive Plum by Sherwin-Williams

April 29, 2014

A mix of cool blue and feisty red with a splash of gray, Exclusive Plum is refined without being stuffy, elegant yet easy, and layered with romantic potential.


Where did you grow up?
I was born in my family’s longtime hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

Aside from sugar and spice and everything nice, what else are you made of?
I’m a mix of cool blue and feisty red with a splash of gray. I would describe myself as refined without being stuffy, elegant yet easy, and layered with romantic potential.

Who are some of your idols and influencers?
I find genuine inspiration in the idea that what one may see as strange or unique, another may see as beautiful. I draw from a diverse set of influences, including nature, mined minerals, metals, and raw gems.

What’s your favorite design genre?
I started out in residential design and continue to love that, but I’m starting to explore more playful genres, like hospitality and entertainment.

Where was the last place the paparazzi photographed you?
I was a darling of the recent Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, but if you are a frequent reader of magazines and blogs, you’re sure to have seen me around.

What’s the rumor mill churning out about you these days?
I don’t know if I’d say rumors—it’s more like people are starting to pick up on the fact that I’m a natural trendsetter. In 2014, I’m going beyond beautifying walls and starting to influence textiles, cosmetics, and fashion.

Who’s your current bestie?
It honestly depends on where I am. In a masculine space, my besties are accents of copper and well-worn leather; in an elegant bedroom or guestroom, I partner up with gold, gray, and white. When I’m in an energetic mood, I prefer my friends magenta and chartreuse.

Who are you wearing right now?
I’m feeling a bit mellow right now, so I’m wearing creamy white silk with a few silver statement pieces.

Who would you like to work with next?
High-end designers who really “get” me.

What’s the worst part about fame?
I was born to be famous and love every moment of it. There may be another trendsetter next year, but I’ll always be here with my timeless beauty and elegance.

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