Stan Deutsch Associates Announces Winner in #WorldofLight Design Competition

Sept. 25, 2014

Eclectic Precision’s design featured at SDA Lighting Showcase

Stan Deutsch Associates (SDA) has announced that Eclectic Precision, an award-winning lighting and creative design firm in Brooklyn, New York, is the winner of the #WorldofLight Design Competition.SDA Lighting Showcase 2014 featured the stunning installation earlier this month in New York City.

Eclectic Precision’s design features a core concept of panels with embedded, controllable RGB lighting programmed to emulate a variety of natural states. With panels serving as ambient lighting, the aggregate light of the entire installation will create a brilliant hanging garden of light in the lobby of the Metropolitan Pavilion. Eclectic Precision’s design concept not only embraces light as the core element of the design but also enables the space to serve as the registration area for the showcase.

The design concept is Geometric Garden, a functional space for inspiration and relaxation. Using the central architectural column as its base, Eclectic Precision created a glowing kinetic “geo-tree” that will undulate and breathe through the movement (programming) of the RGB lighting embedded in it.

The competition, sponsored by SDA, called on interior designers, architects, and design teams to re-imagine the space as a World of Light—transforming the Metropolitan Pavilion entryway to greet guests as they enter the SDA Lighting Showcase 2014.

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