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Feb. 1, 2016

1. The woven bamboo beams of Van Embricqs’ Rising Table are inspired by transformations that occur in nature. They serve as a flat surface on the floor, then fold and organically merge as they rise to form a table. Made from a single piece of wood, it is easily lifted, whereupon it sprouts its four “legs.” robertvanembricqs.com

2. Strong-arm the stackable Flex Chair from Borgo to your heart’s desire. The specially engineered, 100 percent recyclable polymer seat moves with the user as they bend and twist throughout the day, all supported by a steel tube frame. The simple construction makes it a good replacement for a task chair in more collaborative areas. borgo.com

3. The Kelvin LED Green task light from Flos allows for more light on the desk and overall. With a higher output (max 325 lumens) at a much lower energy consumption rate (7.5w), it also offers a “green mode,” where a sensor regulates the light output by reacting to the brightness of the worksurface. usa.flos.com

4. Turnstone has welcomed a few additions to the Campfire collection, all designed to support lounge positions. Skate Table is wheeled
and lightweight, while the Slim Table powers technology. The footrest supports both feet and legs and still encourages movement. All features make it easy to be mobile and productive throughout the day. myturnstone.com

5. The FLEX screen from LOFTwall features vertically molded fabric panels that can be formed into concave or convex shapes. Users can assemble and reconfigure easily on their own as sections link together without tools or traditional hardware. A range of panel color options are available. loftwall.com

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