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Product Expose: Scrivimi By Global Lighting

Jan. 29, 2016

Where did you grow up?
In Fossombrone, an ancient little hamlet in the Marche region of Italy. Many centuries ago, my ancestors were built in the Byzantine and Renaissance epochs.

What was your first big break?
When designer Matteo Ugolini fell madly in love. He wanted to express the perfect phrase of enchantment to seduce the woman of his dreams. It took him hours, and hundreds of scraps of paper, until he found the right words.

What’s the rumor mill churning out about you these days?
There’s talk of a starring role in the next Paolo Sorrentino film, something about unrequited love.

Where was the last place the paparazzi photographed you?
I was in Venice, enjoying a spritz on the Grand Canal during a film festival. I tried going incognito, but was discovered anyway. I think my enchanting, illuminated profile gave me away.

Aside from sugar and spice, and everything nice, what else are you made of?
Earth and devotion. You see, I am a ceramic light—organic and natural. And I’m Italian, so love is in my DNA. I was born of the urge to express desire. In Italian, Scrivimi means “write to me.”

If you could get one plastic surgery procedure what would it be?
I have no imperfections. Would you suggest surgery to Marcello Mastroianni? Franco Nero? Giancarlo Giannini? No, I thought not. In the finest Italian tradition of sprezzatura, my beauty is effortless and eternal.

Who are some of your idols and influencers?
Petrarch and Dante. And of course, my very own Beatrice.

What’s your favorite design genre?

What’s your biggest turn-on?
Poetic longing in low LED light, simmering with medieval secrecy and burning with desire…

If you insist, I can be. But you will miss my ethereal glow.

Who’s your current bestie?

Who are you wearing right now?
Couture Valentino, of course, and a handcrafted Borsalino on my head.

What’s your next starring role?
I’ve been offered many leading roles from movie directors and hoteliers, to chefs and restaurateurs. You’ll have to speak with my agent Larry Lazin at Global Lighting.

Who would you like to work with next?
A designer who is not afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve.

What’s the worst part about fame?
People are always looking up to me.

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