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Product + Placement: Hog Island Oyster Bar

March 2, 2016

By CCS Architecture

Offering sweeping views of San Francisco Bay, the recently expanded Hog Island Oyster Bar was designed as an homage to good food, as well as the surrounding rustic community and sustainable farming practices that produce it.

“The Hog Island farm in Marshall on Tomales Bay is where it all began and is still the beating heart of Hog Island,” said Barbara Turpin-Vickroy, interior design director for CCS. “The founding partners have a strong foundation of colleagues, customers, and neighbors that all share a passion for oysters and the lifestyle that comes with them. They believe that good things grow slowly and that is the way they approached this restaurant.”

The bar now offers seating for 65 inside and 65 outside. Three anchors ground the space: a 10-seat cocktail bar, a 16-seat oyster bar facing the Bay, and an intimate 7-seat chef’s counter that offers mirror-reflected Bay views. Table seating accommodates most patrons, and communal tables are offered for larger parties.

“Lots of thought and care went into planning every aspect. It was a collaboration that evolved organically and creatively,” Turpin-Vickroy explained. “It takes a dedicated team of people with a wide range of skills to take an oyster from a tiny seed to your plate. The same dedication was put into this design.”

The area’s history and geography is referenced in the fabrication and artwork from local artists and craftsmen. The interior’s nautical design features a dramatic hull-shaped ceiling of wood and rope, a nod to Hog Island’s original boat, Spatz. It also includes recycled materials like oyster shells, reclaimed ipe wood, and once-submerged East Coast sinker cypress.

“The site is a tribute,” added Turpin-Vickroy. “It reflects the casual, natural, and rustic beauty of the community.”

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