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C1 Collection

May 4, 2016

By Carvart

CARVART’s C1 Collection is made up of beautifully carved and etched patterns in architectural glass, which aims to provide designers with elegant alternatives to surfacing materials. The twelve designs of the C1 Collection incorporate squares and triangles to form organic geometric patterns, creating a variety of classic compositions which blend into contemporary stylings. With a maximum size of 48” by 120”, the C1 Collection can effortlessly fit into any project. Here’s how it all breaks down:


degree angles make up the design of each pattern in the C1 Collection, based off of the elements expressed in organic geometry.


years in the industry creating architectural glass.


zip code of the Carvart factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Each pattern is named after Red Hook and the surrounding neighborhoods, reinforcing the connection to Carvart’s roots.


transparent color options.


scales per pattern: small, and a large that is 200% larger.


patterns are available in the reverse.


standard translucent views (transparent, translucent 1, shimmer 1, and reflective.)


recipient of the Best of NeoCon Silver award.

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