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Product + InPlacement: HLZBLZ

Aug. 31, 2016

By A-Industrial Design Build

When L.A.-based A-INDUSTRIAL Design Build created a dynamic music studio headquarters in a shared office in the Fashion District several years ago, it caught the attention of fashion brand HLZBLZ's founders. As a result, the husband-and-wife team invited A-INDUSTRIAL to help communicate the brand’s story through a new workplace that blends its street wear influences with the owners’ love for midcentury design.

The HLZBLZ office simplifies the influences of the brand’s contrasting black-and-white fashions with contemporary architecture and furniture into a clean, cohesive interior. The use of raw materials and the collaborative layout retains their work ethic and the client’s inspiration for design.  

“I think mainly what we were doing is conceptually tying in their brand, the language of their black-and-white clothing in terms of midcentury,” said Andrew Hernandez, co-founder of A-INDUSTRIAL. “It was kind of a hybrid integrating those two cultures together and using raw materials and natural finishes to bring the modern midcentury texture materiality out in the project.”

From the floors to the walls, A-INDUSTRIAL custom made each finish with the intent of leaving the natural material in its final form and beauty. Contrasting wood, concrete, and translucent paneling balance the office in the same way HlzBlz sees fashion—minimal yet with strong motifs.  
The warm-toned floor of 2-by-8-foot pre-sanded plywood sheets installed with offset longitudinal directional pattern creates an elongation of the space. The translucent walls allow light to penetrate all areas of the office including the entry, conference room, and the open collaborative work areas.

“They’re a very collaborative group, so a lot of the spaces were designed to allow for the partnership,” explained Jackie Munoz, co-founder, A-INDUSTRIAL. “A lot of their meeting spaces, large tables, as well as the material that was used, were chosen to enhance the transparency, to allow light through.”

The open office layout uses a combination of cork board walls and a large, integrated translucent sliding door, which provides easy access to the company’s inventory. Overall the modern space design provides an open, creative work environment for the talented duo and their team.

Drop Ceiling Grid

By USG Ceilings

This simple and unique open-celled ceiling system with curved components is an adaptable, clean, and exciting modern design element.

Cyclone White Wire Table

By Noguchi

The design for the Cyclone Table was first conceived by Noguchi in 1953 as a rocking stool of metal wire and wood for Knoll; the playful object evolved into a table that became a companion piece to the Bertoia wire children’s chair.

Bertoia Chrome Wire Chair

By Harry Bertoia

The Bertoia Side Chair is an icon of Midcentury Modern design. Bertoia found sublime grace in an industrial material, creating a chair that works with any decor, in any room.

Eames Black Molded Chair

By Herman Miller

Made of 100 percent recyclable polypropylene, the Molded Plastic Side Chair boasts a subtle matte texture and notable durability. It is available in an array of colors and a variety of upholstery and base options making it an endlessly versatile option for living, dining, and work spaces.

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