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Bentley’s (los)t Angeles

Sept. 7, 2016

Abandoned spaces breathe life into fresh products

Todd van der Kruik, Bentley’s vice president of design, formulates ideas for new products through the process of what he likes to call “coinspiration.” Because his “inspiration exploration” requires him to leave the office, he mixes work with pleasure by exploring new, unique places with his family which in turn helps him create fresh designs. “On vacation or doing things as a family, we take part in activities I am interested in from an artistic perspective,” he explained. “That is where (los)t angeles came from.”

Bentley’s (los)t angeles collection is the latest in the company’s annual unveiling of uniquely inspired products. Last year’s Born and Raised launch was “an exploration of the heritage of the brand.” This year, van der Kruik said, he dove deeper into L.A. itself. “What is happening in Los Angeles and what makes it so interesting, for me, is the city’s history is always being destroyed and rebuilt again. There are some real hidden gems.”

The two “gems” that inspired (los)t angeles are the abandoned animal enclosures at the Los Angeles Zoo; and the Salton Sea, the largest lake in California, located directly on the San Andreas fault. “The idea is exploring hidden places that are forgotten and looking for beauty that’s there,” van der Kruik added.”

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