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Zones Collection

Sept. 30, 2016

By Teknion

As spaces change to be more communal, it is important that furniture embrace the open-office mentality that blends work with a
living room feel.

In 2014, Teknion teamed up with industrial design duo Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd to create concepts that reflect the social and technological changes at work. The result was Zones, a fresh approach to form and function, which immediately became a showstopper. This is how it all breaks down.


geometry to deliver a welcoming and ergonomic setting


individual products


new seating products

different work heights


design industry awards during the
first week of release


different material types (includes solid wood, plywood, wood veneer, laminate on plywood, plastic, plastic laminate, steel, aluminum, wool padded fabric, and upholstery)


leading European designers acted as the inspiration, Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd (PearsonLloyd)

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