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Lighting By OldCoolNow

Oct. 25, 2016

Tim Judd, founder of OldCoolNow, is a self-proclaimed artist/vandal who hunts down antiques that speak to him and reimagines them into designer lamps. His refurbished finds include everything from 1940s 8mm projectors and Foldex 20 cameras, to vintage toys and coin banks—all resonating with a broad demographic thanks to an extremely reasonable price point. Judd works alone, but has managed to keep his sense of humor well intact along the way, as indicated in the following figures.


average age of base products Judd uses


amount of plastic used in all refurbishments


sources used to find original products to reinvent: Goodwill online, flea markets, estate sales, E-bay


seconds: Length of time buyers debate internally about whether or not they can afford one of Judd’s pieces. “I can see the dials turn,” he said.


cost component OldCoolNow works toward


days it takes to come up with a method and practicality of a piece


key suppliers OldCoolNow works with (one for lamp-build parts and one for bulbs)


tools Judd can’t live without: flathead screwdriver, power drill with 3/8-inch bit, angle grinder, Gorilla Glue


stiches Judd has needed from making his creations thus far “It’s been close a few times.”

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