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March 29, 2017

By Nissha

Coming this June is a new type of technology interface: mui from Nissha is an interior control panel that is there when you need it and gone when you don’t. It allows users to regulate a space with a simple, self-contained, touch-screen surface panel that can be used as an information display, to manipulate temperature and lighting, set conference room booking for office settings, and offer check-in/check-out services for hospitality projects.

Read on to learn how it breaks down.


3 surfacing options available including wood, a stone look, and fabric.

6 colors offered under those surfacing umbrellas. Wood is available in sycamore, walnut, or pressed-cider, while the stone aesthetic comes in a marble finish by Corian. Fabrics are available in either gray-kubadora or cocktail red.

9 functions available from mui, from lighting and air conditioning controls, to voicemail and text messaging capabilities.

1 model is currently available but many more are in development, as well as a variety of other applications other than the wall, such as integration into furniture.

1 year to develop the concept.

7 activation perspectives, some of which are still being completed, such as voice activation and service-integration-able API. Currently available is cloud-connected, Linux OS base smart hardware technology, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, sensor-connected, and multi-touch panel operated.

Photography courtesy of © Nissha Printing Co., Ltd

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