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April 28, 2017

By National Office Furniture

By observing how people interact with each other, with furniture, and with technology, National Office Furniture developed Kozmic™ as a refreshing solution for a variety of needs. Kozmic’s spine-based design provides the flexibility to outfit small to large spaces and incorporate surfaces and impromptu seating. Optional power and USB outlets are integrated into Kozmic’s design, making them easy to locate and simple to use. Read on to find out how it all breaks down.

4 modes of use: sit, stand, perch, lean

3 main elements: spines, seats, and tables

2 seating types: integrated with the spine and detached impromptu

4 ways of working with Kozmic: interact, focus, power up, touch down

2 power options: USB and simplex

33 choices of surface laminates

21 items in statement of the line

2 work surface heights: standing and seated, with easy access to power


Photography courtesy of National Office Furniture

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