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April 28, 2017

Design-savvy options for any budget


With the season transitioning to spring, Carnegie has introduced options that illustrate an exploration of textural warmth, coupled with some bright and airy colorways that point forward to the arrival of warmer temperatures and sunny skies. A highlight is the new Elements collection, a budget-friendly line of performance upholsteries all less than $35 per linear yard. Two of the patterns are highlighted here, with the full collection on display at NeoCon in Chicago next month. Read on to discover additional Carnegie offerings that fit a range of budgets.


Bolt is a second crushed-velvet option from the group of new releases, featuring rows of arrowheads woven in vivid, bold hues. Uniquely resilient for a member of the velvet family, it boasts an abrasion rating of 100,000 double rubs. It is available in four colorways.
$$$$ $89


A selection from the Elements line, Hashtag features an eye-catching crosshatch stitching and can be used as either upholstery or on acoustical panels. It contains 54-percent post-consumer recycled polyester and is also available with an antimicrobial Nanotex finish.
$ $33

Deco Embroider   

Deco Embroider is part of the Biobased Xorel Modern Deco line. It features a pattern of cubist geometry, uniquely strung together in six colorway options, all of which exude a glamour and sophistication reminiscent of the line’s namesake era.
$$$$  $83


Antoinette Couture is a selection of Xorel upholstery, appropriate for panels and wallcoverings, that features a unique basket-weave-inspired pattern in neutral colors that are soft yet elegant.
$$$ $59


From the Elements line, Allure is a versatile crushed velvet of 90 percent polyester and 10 percent nylon. Thanks to its crushed effect, the product can appear both shiny and matte at the same time. Allure is another Carnegie offering available with the antimicrobial Nanotex finish.
$  $29


Moto’s texture is one-of-a-kind. Influenced by forward motion, the geometry embedded in this PVC-free soft polyurethane resembles tire treads, offering a high-performance textile with an engaging design. Stains such as ball-point pen and marker can be wiped off with nothing more than a dry cloth.
$$ $49

Photography courtesy of Carnegie

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