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The Benefits of Breaking the Rules

June 28, 2017

Spanish tile company CAS Cerámica partnered with designer David Carson to create an innovative product line that blends ceramic artistry and graphic design.

Since 1920, Spanish tile company CAS Cerámica has honored artisan techniques for product design through visuals, while improving manufacturing as advanced technologies have become available. This fusion of artisan design and digital printing makes its tiles stand out in the market, often considered “rule breakers” among its peers.
When CAS decided it needed to add a line that would truly showcase its capabilities, the company decided to commission an artist from outside the company. The commercial department at CAS knew of David Carson as a top graphic designer who had a history of untraditional work. With Carson breaking the rules of graphic design, he would be the right person to help CAS continue thinking outside the box in ceramic.

The CAS team was familiar with Carson’s work around the world. According to the company, Carson said he loved the idea for the collaboration because he had never worked with tile as a medium. He created designs, and then the CAS design department collected materials; his concepts became a reality thanks to the company’s “decorative multi-technology.”

CAS by Carson comprises five collections: Caribbean, Relax, Graphic, Eight, and 3D Carson. Inspiration from each line came from various elements in Carson’s life including his travels, his career, the environment, and graphic design in general (see images for additional information). Because of the pricing, all CAS by Carson products can meet the needs of unique and exceptional design in any kind of space.

casceramica.com | Photography courtesy of CAS Cerámica

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