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Product Q&A: SenseonSecure AccessControlSystem By Accuride International

The new Senseon Secure Access Control System is an invisible, electronic lock security access system. Utilizing radio-frequency identification (RFID), the system delivers enhanced security, reliability, and efficiency when compared to traditional lock-and-key systems.

Senseon is an easily programmable commercial-grade program that offers simple installation and use. The system can adapt to any business needs, with no integration or modification to existing security in place. In addition, with several modular components, Senseon requires no electrical or wiring knowledge. Four options are offered: 5EL for sliding doors; 10EL, with a low profile for retrofitting existing cabinetry; 3135ECEL, an undermount drawer slide; and 38TREL, a touch-release, side-mount drawer slide.

Greg Rewers, solutions marketing director for Senseon Secure Access, sat down with i+s to discuss the development of the system, along with plans for future development. 

When was Senseon Secure Access developed?

Accuride International launched Senseon Secure Access in September 2016, after several years of development, based on proven Accuride International movement solutions and patented Senseon technology. 

How did the name for the product come about? 

We wanted a new name for a new technology and a new brand. “Senseon” conveys sensing, related to our vision for this innovative, intelligent, electronic locking system. “Secure,” which comes from Latin for “without care,” means free from danger, risk, or loss, as well as trustworthy, dependable, and safe. “Access” reflects that our solution actively provides a protective shield, along with easy access for authorized users, valuables stored in cabinets, casework, and fixtures.

Who designed the system?

Our experienced team of engineers drew from our industry knowledge and 50-plus years of experience in providing world-leading movement solutions.

What was the inspiration behind it?

Senseon was designed with the end user in mind. By expediting transactions, enriching customer and user experiences, and boosting revenue and profitability, Senseon expands on Accuride’s commitment to creating solutions that improve daily lives. Our keyless, hidden, RFID-powered locking system was developed to offer a superior successor to traditional locks and keys. We invented a way to integrate a dependable and functional electronic locking system with drawer slides, as well as cabinet doors. 

What was the biggest hurdle in bringing Senseon Secure Access to life?

Our biggest challenge was finding a way to create one system that efficiently secures and allows access to cabinetry of nearly any design, shape, size, and construction. We needed to create a system that was well-suited for office cabinetry, educational institutions, retail jewelry displays, medical cabinets, and hotel rooms.

How has the response been? 

The market greatly appreciates the ability to incorporate Senseon locks into furniture in multiple ways. Also, Senseon received the Retail Technology Solutions award in the 2017 GlobalShop Product Design Competition, which cited design advancements in innovation, function, and aesthetics.

What is your hope for Secure Access?

Our hope is that Senseon will become an integral part of cabinet designs. Beyond raising secure access control to a new level, we are looking to set a new standard for cabinet functionality, with touch-release and auto-relock among convenient and theft-deterring features.  

What are your thoughts on where secure technology is headed in the near future?

We see secure technology becoming smarter, easier to use, and more secure. In the future, smart access control systems will be able to alert users as to whether their contents are secure or not.  

If you could have the product installed into one project anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would select New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City because it is the country’s largest hospital by patient beds (2,350).

What’s something people don’t know about Senseon Secure Access?

Senseon components are built to last. Our locks are tested to ensure durability for more than 50,000 cycles of use, and they can withstand up to 250 lbs. of break-force, making them four-times stronger than a typical CAM lock. 


Photography courtesy of Senseon Secure Access

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