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Infinite Neutral

Sept. 27, 2017

Wolf-Gordon’s new upholstery textile, Infinite Neutral, defies the namesake hue’s common interpretation. Appropriate for seemingly all environments, these dynamic neutrals within the collection comprise a balance of primary tones, which allow for the enhancement of other colors in the surrounding environment. Infinite Neutral is truly multi-dimensional, with its four colorways acting as the perfect complement in an array of interiors. i+s recently learned more about the new product line in an exclusive interview.

When was Infinite Neutral developed?

It just debuted at NeoCon 2017, but was developed over two years. This is quite a long timeline for a textile. It was a unique challenge to transform the designer’s distinct vision, but the Wolf-Gordon team thinks Infinite Neutral is a game-changing neutral due to its depth and a visual appeal.

How did the name for the product come about? 

The name Infinite Neutral was inspired by the endless depth that the 30 different colored threads create in the crepe weave. When viewed from across the room, the striations are not visible to the eye, yet add vivid undertones to the gray or beige fabric. When viewed up close, the individual threads become more obvious, and the many hints of color that compose the neutral peek out. As a result, the colors surrounding each thread become bolder and brighter, complemented by the variety of shades. 

Who designed Infinite Neutral?

Wolf-Gordon designer Morgan Bajardi.

What was the inspiration behind it?

Bajardi looked to her background in oil painting for inspiration. In art school, she experimented with mixing a rainbow of colors together, and the result was an unexpected gray. Upon entering the design industry, Bajardi realized the importance of neutrals for specifiers, which inspired her to replicate the complex neutral she created in art class. 

What was the biggest hurdle in bringing Infinite Neutral to life?

It was a challenge for Bajardi to translate her vision into a reality. It took two years before she felt confident that her objective was accomplished. The logistics of producing a textile with such a variety of yarn colors proved a challenge in the manufacturing process.

How has the response been?

The response has been amazing—at trade there has been plenty of positive feedback. People engage with the fabric on a level that goes beyond what one would expect for a textile.

What is the most impressive project Infinite Neutral has found its way into?

It proved the perfect complement to Wolf-Gordon’s collaborative Folio installation, both when previewed at WantedDesign and The Mart at NeoCon this year.

What is your hope for the product?

That Infinite Neutral will become the go-to neutral, like a favorite garment or accessory.

What’s something people don’t know about Infinite Neutral?

When designing the new offering, Bajardi tapped into her passion for combining things that juxtapose; she took a known crepe construction and used it in a completely new way by integrating 30 different yarns into the weave. Infinite Neutral was an experiment in posing the nostalgic against the unknown. 


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