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Hardwood Collections

Sept. 28, 2017

by Nydree Flooring

From corporate settings to the hospitality industry and beyond, Nydree Flooring promises style and proven durability, providing the A&D community with real hardwood flooring for real-life applications. Offering a variety of colors and widths, acrylic-infused Nydree Flooring products are 300-percent more dent-resistant than standard hardwood flooring, designed to suit the aesthetics of any high-traffic space while providing the quality and durability the application demands. Highly favored by specifiers are Nydree’s Handcrafted Collection, Plainsawn White Oak, Reclaimed Oak, and its newest line, the 7.5-inch Wide Plank Collection. All Nydree Flooring options are FSC and FloorScore certified and feature Pedestrian 2.0 Benzophenone-free finish, rated at more than 4,000 tabers for unmatched wear resistance. 


Photography courtesy of Nydree Flooring

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