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Oct. 17, 2017

By Innovative

Designed for exceptional performance, EVO saves space and offers an ergonomic solution in a sleek monitor arm. Powered by Better Balance technology, EVO supports a monitor with constant force, ensuring smooth movement across the arm’s range of motion. It’s easier than ever to mount a flat-panel monitor while complementing any workspace with EVO’s modern design. With that, EVO received a 2017 Red Dot Product Design Award and a Best of NeoCon Silver 2016 for its sleek form and superior function. Read on to find out how EVO breaks down.  


1touch required to adjust the monitor’s position with a fluid movement

3 finish options available: Flat White, Vista Black, and Silver

5 minutes needed to complete setup for above-desk mount installation

1 quick-release pivot required to quickly install or change out the monitor

11awards/recognitions received since EVO’s launch

12 pounds can be held by EVO’s single articulating monitor arm

19.6 inches: maximum expansion of the height-adjustable mount

180 degrees of rotation of the flat-panel monitor to provide landscape or portrait viewing

11 years on the market, as EVO was originally introduced in 2006

Photography courtesy of Innovative

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