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Formica Corporation

Oct. 17, 2017

Design-savvy options for any budget

Established in 1913, Formica Corporation is an original inventor of the high-pressure laminate and remains the largest laminate manufacturer in the world. With iconic patterns such as Skylark, Nassau, and Linen, Formica is a leader in creative surfaces. The company expanded into the commercial market in the 1980s and has since launched numerous products that meet the rigors of these demanding and evolving environments.

The Formica Specialty Collection, which debuted at NeoCon 2017, offers architects and designers a range of premium surfacing options that will enhance their designs with both style and function. These pioneering products enable professionals to achieve trendy looks without sacrificing material quality or project budget. The four lines within the collection speak to visual and tactile experiences that are unique to the workplace, from writeable surfaces for collaboration to laminates that have an inviting touch yet can withstand high-traffic use. 


formica infiniti     

Infiniti is an offering for any space calling for a tactile yet durable and matte surface. With little maintenance needs, Infiniti is ideal for countertops, tables, doors, partitions, cabinets, and furniture. Infiniti’s soft-to-the-touch super matte finish is resistant to fingerprints and has built-in antimicrobial surface protection, thermal healing capabilities, and chemical-resistant properties. The durable surface is available in 16 colors or can be specified in any standard Formica brand color. It is also GREENGUARD Gold Indoor Air Quality Certified.
$$$$  $50–$80 per square foot

DECOLeather Recycled Leather Veneer     

An eco-friendly product made from recycled leather, dECOLeather brings sustainable luxury to interiors by reusing a precious resource and making it more affordable. The veneer has the look, feel, and aroma of traditional leather but with the added benefits of durability and environmental responsibility. With its deep colors and rich textures, this recycled leather veneer is available in 18 colors and three richly grained finishes channeling the distinctive texture of crocodile, walrus, and buffalo. Create a trendy reception desk, a cocktail bar, an elevator bank, an accent wall, or a conference tabletop.
$$$  $10.50-$14.50 per square foot


This surfacing product has solid color all the way through. ColorCore2 laminate is ideal anywhere you don’t want to see the dark seam lines associated with traditional laminate edges, such as countertops, cabinets, doors, and work surfaces subject to heavy wear and tear. It can be machined, routed, or engraved to create striking design effects. Thanks to its thickness and solid color throughout, ColorCore2 can be sandblasted, engraved, or carved. In addition, interesting edging details can be added as well as layered 3D surfaces. Patterns range from soft, upscale looks to bold pops of color.
$  $4.90–$5.50 per square foot (material only)

specialty magnetic markerboards     

The Specialty Markerboard line offers magnetic decorative laminates ideal for communication and display in office, classroom, and retail environments
that require a low-maintenance writable surface. The Grid Points Magnetic Markerboard features a small gray dot grid pattern on a white dry erase surface. From a distance, this markerboard appears to be white while the gray dots assist the user in drawing precise objects and writing in straight lines. The Black Magnetic Chalkboard offers an easy-to-clean surface for jotting down ideas, lesson plans, and to-do lists.
$$ Starting at $6.25 per square foot

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