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Lumina by Sensitile

Feb. 5, 2018

During his 2002 thesis work, Abhinand Lath invented an interactive surfacing material that mimicked the way a strand of bamboo filters light and casts shadows. Following the product development, Lath began to draw interest from designers and architects and founded Sensitile Systems. Sensitile focuses on creating interactive designs that blend, scatter, and redirect ambient light. The company also manufactures all product with green processes and ships directly from its Michigan facilities to their worldwide partners. Whether for the hospitality industry, a museum, or a mixed-use urban space, Sensitile offers aesthetically appealing products that create a powerful interplay between light and movement.


The Lafayette Center retail and office space in Boston features Sensitile’s Lumina™ Fins as mounted lighting fixtures in the main lobby.
Visitors are greeted with visually stunning floating fixtures that add depth and are illuminated with high-intensity, energy-efficient LED lights that are energy UL listed. Image courtesy of Sensitile Systems


Displayed at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City is a custom Lumina dedication.
Illuminated around the top and bottom edges with high-intensity white LED, guests are drawn in by the custom gradient light pattern
that creates a haloing effect around the central message. Image courtesy of Sensitile Systems


Spirit Cruise Line ships feature bar faces with Sensitile System's Lumina. The edge-lit, glass-clad panels achieve the goal of
an elegant, eye-catching rebrand to the Odyssey Ships. Image courtesy of David Epstein, The Abbey Group

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