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Something Sophisticated for Everyone

Feb. 12, 2018

Established more than four decades ago in Britain, Havwoods has over time established itself as a global entity with distribution centers, showrooms, and partners all around the globe. The company has become synonymous with quality hardwood flooring products and has carved a niche in the A&D market. As leaders in technology and aesthetics, Havwoods focuses on pre-finished engineered timber and is on the cutting edge of design with the latest in hardwood products. 

Another major selling point for Havwoods’ floors is the variety of options it offers across the pricing spectrum. Whether looking for a low-cost solution or a design splurge, designers and specifiers can find the ideal option for the job in the Havwoods catalog. Many matched visuals are available in different budget ranges, meaning aesthetics don’t have to be sacrificed for price. With that, i+s has compiled a selection of Havwoods offerings that illustrate its range of hardwood flooring options. 

The Venture Plank range offers high quality, European-produced planks thanks to the consistency of its manufacturing processes, up-to-date finishes,
comprehensive color tones, and varied dimensions. The Luxe selection from Venture Plank is a prime-grade engineered oak with a UV-oiled finish.
The boards are backed by a technically superior birch ply, which ensures greater stability.  $$$ $13.95
From the Relik collection of reclaimed planks, Clyde is an engineered oak, one strip pattern that is extra wide with a white oiled finish.
These reclaimed products are planed, profiled, and sanded using 21st-century production techniques to
create boards that are straight, flat, and consistent in depth, ensuring ease of installation. $$ $9.00
Neutro Block is a selection from Havwoods’ Italian Collection, inspired by the intricate floors of Italy.
Its narrower, thinner planks provide more flexibility for laying in complex patterns or mixing with tiles and other materials.
Neutro Block is an engineered oak with a block pattern and UV-oiled finish. $ $4.20
The Hand Grade Collection is designed to bring sophistication and prestige to any space.
The Shanklin option is engineered with three layers—oak, birch plywood, oak—and the sculptured surface has a hard wax oil finish with a rounded edge.
The planks measure an astounding 13-feet long and range from 11- to 19-inches wide.$$$$ $22.10
Seana-Wide from the triple-layered PurePlank collection is made from FSC-certified engineered oak with an oiled finish,
click installation system, and a beveled edge. It is offered in ½-inch-thick planks that are just over 86-inches long and 8 1/8-inches wide. $$ $8.80
Fresco from the Henley collection is an engineered oak plank with a “brushed and burnt” visual and a white, naturally oiled finish.
The Henley line is complete with stylish hardwood flooring products, best described as prefinished planks with texture.
Fresco features a four-sided beveled edge and planks come in random lengths. $$$ $13.15

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