New Materiality for Increased Sustainability

March 6, 2018

A brief profile on the creation of Earthenglass when president of Interstyle Kim Hauner sought to reinvent the glass tile industry.

The development of Earthenglass began in 2008 when Kim Hauner, president of Interstyle, was looking to reinvent the glass tile industry with a fresh, sustainable product. What he came up with was a completely new kind of glass tile that captured the rising value of sustainability.

Earthenglass is crafted and textured by hand and comes in a range of natural colors that are also derived from recycled materials. Interstyle can create varied shapes, textures, and finishes for Earthenglass, such as anti-slip grading.

Read on to see how it all breaks down.

  • 9 years in the making, from conception to market
  • 100 percent recycled glass and regionally sourced clay
  • 25 percent reduction in energy input requirements in creating Earthenglass
  • 40 years Interstyle has been creating both clay and glass tiles
  • 3 texture patterns that can be mixed and matched
  • 10mm thick tiles that can be installed in both interiors and exteriors
  • 6 standard hand-applied glaze hues
  • 4 “raw,” unglazed hues

About the Author

Kadie Yale | Former Editor-in-Chief

Kadie Yale holds a BA in Industrial Design from San Francisco State University and a MA in Decorative Art History and Theory from Parsons the New School. In her role as editor-in-chief from 2015-2018, she led the interiors+sources team in creating relevant content that touches on sustainability, universal design, science, and the role of design in society.

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