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The Open Office is Changing

June 11, 2018

NeoCon 2018: Booths are trending as conference area solutions in open office plans. Listen to Christoph Trappe discuss this from the floor at NeoCon.

Open Floor Office Plans

To keep up with the demands of the next generation of workspaces, companies have transitioned from traditional individual office spaces to open office floor plans.

Whether you agree that this new approach to the work place promotes collaboration or passionately argue that it fosters less productivity, there’s a legitimate issue with this type of work environment: the need for conference room space that doesn’t disrupt the entire office.

Pushing the Open Floor Plan Trend Forward from the NeoCon Floor

Christoph Trappe is front and center at NeoCon 2018, and he sees a very interesting solution popping up.

In a word? Booths. Booths that can be inserted into any open office floor plan. And there’s not just one exhibit, but many that showcase this innovative approach to a solve a very real problem.

Listen to Christoph Trappe chat about this innovative solution on the floor at NeoCon 2018. 

Christoph visited with Larkin McGowan, Zenbooth’s Growth Marketing Manager, a finalist from Buildings.com's Product Innovations Award contest. Their Executive Booth is an American-made product. It's sourced locally and uses eco-friendly materials. To further their committment to being environmentally thoughtful, ZenBooth plants a tree for every booth sold. 

What sets them apart? They use a see-through plexiglass ceiling, ventilation system that has a full exchange of fresh air in less than a minute, the walls are made out of a hard surface which dampens sound and protects against heat and odors. 

Because the Executive Booth can be moved, it's perfect for up-and-coming businesses as a fast solution against privacy and noise pollution.

Christoph also spoke with a representative from Framery, a company based in Finland, that has been making this innovative product for the last several years. In fact, they have different options based on the type of meeting and number of people attending.

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For example, they have the “Framery O” which if you were born before 1985, you will notice is based off of a phone booth from the past, but designed for the future, that can be used for video conferencing. 

Booths are popping up as the new trend in open office floor plan solutions at NeoCon 2018. Framery 2Q is pictured first, then Framery O.

Acoustics play a vital role in workplace well-being

Also rising from the discussion of collaboration vs. productivity are studies that show when acoustics are considered into a design plan, healthier, happier and more productive employees are created. Framery uses acoustics as the basis of their products.

NeoCon VOD Interview: The Difficulty of Acoustics with Maars CEO Menno de Vries

Sister publication Buildings.com just featured an article online called: How Acoustics Plays a Role in Workplace Health, written by Valerie Dennis Craven, Buildings Editor in Chief, highlighting Daniel Verlooven, Global Acoustic Ambassador at BuzziSpace. Daniel will talk about the role acoustics plays at NeoCon in his session “Room Acoustics: How They Contribute to Create Happier and Healthier Workspaces” on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

You can read more about how acoustics is rising up to become a crucial element in how arcitects and interior designers create work spaces:

Acoustics 101 for Architecture + Interiors

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