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Aug. 6, 2018

Skylar Morgan Furniture and Design introduces it’s first-ever sofa.

From restaurants to retail to family homes, furniture craftsman Skylar Morgan is carving a name for himself in the South. The native Montanan’s Atlanta-based studio – Skylar Morgan Furniture and Design – produces clean-lined furnishings and unique architectural woodwork for homes and commercial spaces all over the American southeast and the world. Recently, Morgan and his team expanded their Arciform collection, which now includes the modern furnishing studio’s first-ever Arciform Sofa. In an exclusive Q&A with i+s, Morgan reveals the fine points on what is sure to be a statement piece in any setting.

When was the Arciform Sofa developed?

We started developing the Arciform Sofa last fall and debuted the piece during NYCxDesign in May. It’s part of our newly expanded Arciform collection, whose pieces are distinct for their wooden textured pattern and exploration of mixed materiality.

How did its name come about?

The name derives from the adjective “arciform,” which means resembling an arch in appearance. It’s a befitting expression as it reflects the curvature carried throughout each piece in the collection. With the Arciform Sofa, this idea comes to light through an elegant, contoured back. The bowed shaped is accentuated by tactile detailing, which wraps around the piece, hugging its curves. The intricate pattern is made up of a series of small, hand-carved curves, which add to the overall design.

Who designed the Arciform Sofa?

I developed the piece in collaboration with Matt Dennis, our studio’s lead designer.

What was the inspiration behind the sofa?

We wanted to expand our furniture collection into lounge seating and introduce our first sofa within the context of an edited, modern love seat. Every aspect of the Arciform Sofa was carefully chosen to convey extreme luxury. From the selection of high-end, honest materials – American Walnut handpicked for its beautiful graining paired with luxe wool velvet fabric from Maharam – to the hand-carved detailing and flawless finishing. Even how the Arciform Sofa sits in a space, and its ability to command the center of a room, sets a mood of importance.

Our goal was to create a grand statement piece that felt rich, yet welcoming in the style of our original Arciform Credenza. Inspired by retro record player cabinets, the distinct pattering lends warmth and allure to the sofa’s otherwise modern form. It’s designed to draw you in – inviting you to take a seat and connect with others in a beautiful space where you can just sit and chat for hours – the way our parents did while hosting a dinner party. I’m afraid this style of entertaining is getting lost with technology in today’s social media era. 

What was the biggest hurdle in bringing the Arciform Sofa to life?

The design process was simple, but the fabrication proved to be a bit tricky. The execution needed to be flawless, which can be difficult when experimenting with mixed-materiality. The seamless way in which the upholstered seat meets the woodwork had to be very precise. It isn’t easy to execute at this level, but each time we develop a new piece, we learn a new and better technique.

How was the response to the sofa?

Very good, and getting better. When we first introduced the Arciform Sofa at ICFF in New York this spring, people would literally stop in their tracks to sit down in the sofa, or run their hands over the back. It’s definitely a unique piece, especially with the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail we put into it.

What was the most impressive project the Arciform Sofa found its way into?

We have a few upcoming plans with some of our close clients that have specified the sofa for residential and commercial projects – possibly as a master bedroom loveseat for a home here in Atlanta, and also as workplace seating for a large, well-known office project in Virginia.

What is your hope for the Arciform collection?

My main hope for the collection is that it will continue to grow, and that we can further develop new concepts and materials to incorporate into future Arciform pieces.

Are there any changes to the Arciform collection on the horizon?

We have some new additions to the collection currently in development. We’re currently in the process of designing some night tables to complement the Arciform Bureau. An armoire will likely be in works very soon as well.

What’s something people don’t know about the Arciform Sofa?

It’s completely customizable, as are most of the pieces in our furniture line. Everything from the dimensions of the sofa, to the upholstery, wood species and finishes – even the firmness of its seat – can be custom made to fit the needs of any space.

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