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Trends in Tunable Light: How Today’s LEDs Enhance the Experience and Functionality in Interiors Spaces

July 30, 2018

Liana Frey, vice president of marketing at Ketra, discusses some of the latest trends in LED technology and tunable light.

The early days of LED technology were focused on efficiency, but there were a number of issues that became hurdles for architects and designers. LEDs often lost their brightness and luminosity over time; they were unable to dim to an attractive, warm hue; and in general, the lights were often regarded as cold and harsh. Through truly remarkable industry advancements, though, the promise of LED lighting is being delivered, offering efficiency, beautiful light, and functionality that changes the ways users in today’s environments interact with light.

There are a number of ways in which the right LED and tunable light technology can enhance the experience and functionality of a space, as seen in the latest trends.

Trend 1: Lights that Mimic the Sun

LED technologies are rapidly developing in order to become increasingly effective at mimicking natural sunlight. Research suggests that natural light is a key component to wellbeing, especially in environments which lack access to windows and sunlight. Natural light can also impact the holistic experience of a space, creating a brighter, more energetic feel for those within the room. The use of natural light is particularly helpful in office spaces where not every desk has access to direct sunlight. With LED lighting that has dynamic, color-shifting capabilities , employees often report feeling more energized throughout the day, making LED lighting serve as a return investment.

Trend 2: Lighting that Guides Occupants through Way-Finding

A unique way to use LEDs to their fullest capabilities is to take advantage of the tunable light for way-finding. As a concept, way-finding uses light to provide direction to occupants and guests within a space. People have been traditionally guided through buildings by reading placards or following other physical indications. These methods are becoming more antiquated as they are often confusing, inefficient and difficult to integrate seamlessly into a space. Way-finding eliminates the necessity of signs by introducing an aesthetically pleasing way to indicate, for example, when a room is in use or to highlight a path to walk along. LEDs with full spectrum turnability can emit different shades and light intensities to adapt to a designer’s need in organizing a space.

Trend 3: Dynamic Light That Shapes the Environment

LED products that have a broad color spectrum can drastically change the appearance of a room. For example, some of the most innovative companies in the world are trying to create spaces that encourage creativity and collaboration. The right lighting can make a collaborative work area look inviting and feel welcoming so people naturally congregate. Another example is changing the environment for a special event. LED lights with full saturation capabilities can enhance an event or party with mood lighting. An evening soiree can easily take on different moods--sultry reds for a dinner party to radiant blues for chatting and dancing--all dictated by the host’s desires. Tunable light allows users to tailor light to meet their specifications, allowing complete customization.

Trends in tunable light demonstrate LED lighting versatility, as well as their ease of use and helpful functionalities. Designers and specifiers can take advantages of these advancements to ensure that not only the design intent is achieved, but that the occupants and users have the ability to customize the experience in each space according to the desired effect. Overall, that’s a passion point of many professionals in the lighting industry and, more broadly, the A&D industry: practicing design that transforms the space around us, continually elevating today’s user experiences.

Liana Frey

Liana Frey serves as Vice President of Marketing at Ketra. With a background in technology marketing and digital innovation, Liana works closely with Ketra’s customers to make sure the company continues to build products that customers fall in love with and delivers on its mission to “transform the way we experience light.” 

Learn more about Ketra at www.Ketra.com.

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