Valspar + HGTV Home Announce 2019 Color Trends

Sept. 27, 2018

Valspar and HGTV, two brands under the Sherwin-Williams Consumer Brands Group, reveal their 2019 color collections and colors of the year.

There’s big news in the world of paint today, as both Valspar and HGTV Home announce their 2019 Colors of the Year and color collections. Both brands are a part of the Sherwin-Williams Consumer Brands Group and both reveal more than one color in their announcements.

Valspar Celebrates a Decade of Color Trends

In 2019, Valspar will celebrate its 10th anniversary of the company’s color experts selecting trending shades for the upcoming year, inspired by the landscape of lifestyle trends. Rather than limit inspiration to just one color, Valspar chooses to celebrate its offering of endless color by curating 12.

The Colors of the Year are mood-inspiring hues that encourage DIYers to embrace change and create a personalized home environment. From shades that evoke stability and strength to those that spark introspection and growth, each color represents an opportunity for people to feel empowered in the spaces where they live.

“The Valspar Colors of the Year are bolder takes on basic colors to provide color-curious consumers the opportunity to create change within their homes in an easy, fun and attainable way,” says Sue Kim, Valspar senior color designer at Sherwin-Williams Consumer Brands Group. “We believe changing your outlook can be as easy as changing the paint on your walls. Orange Slice, for instance, evokes a sense of playfulness, while Twilight Mist brings an aura of mystery.”

See below for the full list of 12 colors and how they come to life in different rooms with a variety of techniques. 

Valspar's Color Collections 2019
  • Metropolis Lilac - The immersive purple invites us to step away from ‘what is’ and open up to exciting and unexpected new realities.
  • Angelic Blue - This breezy blue has healing qualities but doesn’t take itself too seriously. Its weightless quality seems to push past the walls and welcome us into the controlled sanctuary we call home.
  • Green Water - This harmonious green-blue is perfectly balanced, neutral enough to inspire our growth in any direction.
  • Twilight Mist - Anticipating uncharted territory ahead, this light, clean violet reflects the edge of artificial space, where light is both comforting and strangely familiar.
  • Spring Squash – This light-hearted yellow has a touch of active orange to help us rebalance our responsibilities and count on our new smart- device helpers.
  • Martinique Dawn - This optimistic green has a heart of linen to remind us that we become stronger when we are woven together.
  • Wishing Well - This true blue reflects honesty and clarity, without shading or apology. Wherever you use it, it’s a bold statement of your own truth.
  • Blushing Bride - This rosy neutral injects an element of spirituality into everyday life, giving us a rosier view of reality.
  • Seattle Haze - This quiet, thoughtful blue has a touch of purple to free our thinking and a hint of gray to ground us in our own glorious – but imperfect – human nature.
  • Lime Mousse - Flip the fearless switch on and use this citrusy green to create surprise in a corner of your home with a dash of healthy luxury.
  • Homey Cream - This raw wood shade is the light, unencumbered backdrop for a minimalistic lifestyle that is full of life. The lightness has just a touch of comforting yellow.
  • Orange Slice - Orange is always an adventure, but the artificial intensity of this orange invites an open, experimental mindset that keeps us guessing.

HGTV Home Reveals 2019 Color Collections of the Year and 2019 Color of the Year

Created in partnership by the design experts at HGTV® and the paint company pros trust, HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams reveals its trending 2019 Color Collections of the Year and distinguished 2019 Color of the Year.

These three designer-inspired trending color collections are unique additions to the existing HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Color Collections, and include palettes of eight colors that work together in any combination. The complementary shades found within the color collections can further inspire choices in upholstery, artwork and other areas of home décor. Each Color Collection embodies different personalities and styles, allowing DIYers to choose a theme that best fits their lifestyle.

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Available exclusively at Lowe’s, here are the three trending color collections and distinguished color of the year:

HGTV Home's Color Collections 2019

Mystic Light

For the dreamers who see the magic of the familiar. The Mystic Light Color Collection explores the blurred lines between physical and digital, and is inspired by looking at familiar materials in a new light.

Sophisticated Whimsy

For those who move through life with an optimistic attitude. The Sophisticated Whimsy Color Collection encourages adventure sought through openness and positivity.

Everyday Balance

For those who look internally to retreat from the chaotic nature of everyday life to find a sense of calm and balance. The Everyday Balance Color Collection is inspired by soft natural elements.  

Reflecting Pool

A color of many personalities that speaks to our desire to have a life of balance but with a bit of flair. Reflecting Pool’s versatility speaks to all three Color Collections of the Year trend stories and can be mixed and matched within any of the palettes to coordinate in the home.
I Hear Design: The Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2019
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