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This New Ceiling System Provides Top Down Acoustic Solutions

March 14, 2019

Custom acoustic solutions company TURF creates ceiling systems that make passerby stop in their tracks for a second look. The Switchblade Baffle ceiling system is the newest to TURF’s line of aesthetically-pleasing, noise-reducing products.

Custom acoustic solutions company TURF is making a distinct brand for itself in the wide world of acoustics with its unique combination of acoustic properties and eye-catching systems. Just under three years old, the business has already designed multiple custom ceiling systems for offices like that of fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger to kid’s coding academy Codeverse. TURF’s solutions are both simple and sustainable, not to mention visually stunning.The new Switchblade Baffle system, for example, combines the best of these characteristics as the latest magnetic acoustic ceiling system to be launched from the company’s headquarters in Elgin, IL. It attaches to a tee grid with magnets, leaving existing ACT tiles untouched and making installation a smooth process. The Switchblade ceiling system is also environmentally-friendly – all of TURF’s sound systems are made from 99-percent post-consumer PET (polyester) plastic, half of which comes from single-use water bottles.

Flexible for Multiple Environments

TURF takes sustainability seriously and its entire production process is designed to keep waste at a minimum. The team manufactures products on demand, keeping inventory associated with waste low, and because the company ships from the center of the country in Chicago, emissions are reduced, too.

All of TURF’s products, including the Switchblade ceiling system, are flexible for multiple environments, are designed for easy installation and can work under different types of constraints. Because the Switchblade baffles mix and match, it’s easy to switch up styles, switch up colors and switch up your ceiling – making sound a sight to behold. See how TURF and its Switchblade ceiling system breaks down below.

Photo courtesy of TURF

Product Breakdown

Join us on our podcast series, I Hear Design, for more insight on TURF’s acoustic systems and products. Then, head over to our YouTube channel to see the virtual reality tour of TURF’s headquarters, dubbed by the company as “the Firehouse.”
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