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How Porcelain Tiles Promote Eco-Friendly Design

March 26, 2019

A range of products from Nemo Tile + Stone offer tile collections in porcelain that mimic highly sought after flooring and wall covering materials.

Advancements in digital printing technology have enabled the surfacing industry to promote eco-friendly practices. Nemo Tile + Stone follows suit by offering various porcelain tile collections that mimic highly sought-after flooring and wall covering materials – such as marble, terrazzo, wood, cement and even Moroccan-inspired terra cotta tiles.

 “These alternative options provide cost effectiveness and ease of installation that many designers and customers seek,” says Katie Michael-Battaglia, design director at Nemo Tile + Stone. “In fact, digital printing technology has become so cutting edge that it’s allowed these newly developed collections to truly maintain a look of authenticity, while remaining sustainable in nature.”

Porcelain, she explains, is a natural material that’s moisture resistant and doesn’t emit toxic fumes or scorch. It offers increased durability, which results in longer lifespans. The material is also low maintenance, eliminating the need for harsh chemical cleaners.

Nemo has complied a range of products at different price points. See which ones are can’t-miss steals and which are worth splurging for.


Porcelain line that mimics cement and wood in large format tiles

These matte tiles are designed to mimic popular wood and cement materials. Patterns include replica graining found with real wood slabs.

  • 12-by-24-inch Unrectified = $2.55 square foot retail
  • 24-by-28-inch Rectified =  $4.23 square foot retail


Porcelain line that mimics Moroccan red-clay tiles

With high-quality printing, Casablanca mimics the red-clay customary to this terra cotta style of tile.

  • 5-by-5-inch square = $6.03 square foot retail
  • 5-by-5-inch square deco = $7.58 square foot retail

Marvel - Calacatta Extra

Porcelain line that mimics marble

An alternative to marble, Marvel is available in mosaics, 3D patterns and large slabs in both polished and matte finishes.

  • 12-by-24-inch = $7.25 square foot retail

Via Emilia

Porcelain line that mimics weathered timber

Graphic imprints and deep surface veins help Via Emilia mimic the look of painted and weathered timber. Each of the four colors has at least 80 different imprints with variations in shade and texture.

  • 12-by-48-inch = $7.95 square foot retail


Porcelain line that mimics terrazzo

Installing terrazzo requires a high volume of manpower, time and cost. To offset that, Nemo’s Torrone uses high-definition printing to recreate the look of terrazzo.

  • 24-by-24-inch = $8.95 square foot retail


Porcelain line that mimics wood

This digitally printed porcelain is available in both rectangular and chevron shapes. It can be arranged to replicate wood plank flooring or a herringbone pattern.

  • 8-by-45-inch Chevron (black/white) = $8.95 square foot 
  • Chevron (wood look) = $7.85 square foot
  • Planks = $6.75 square foot

Think Thin - Calacatta

Marble cut at ½ inch thickness

Splurge for natural stone with Thick Thin, panels that are made at ½-inch thickness for a lighter weight and lower cost than traditional stone slabs.

  • 12-by-24-inch = $36.51 square foot retail

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