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KnollTextiles New Fabric Collection Inspired by Dior Couture Coat

April 24, 2019

KnollTextiles draws from the grid-like formation of a Dior Couture coat in its new Contour fabric collection that includes drapery, upholstery, wrapped panel and wallcoverings.

The circles in an orderly grid-like formation found on a Dior Couture coat provided the starting off point for the 2019 Contour Collection by KnollTextiles. The ”straightforward, sophisticated, modern, yet timeless” design of the coat served as the initial inspiration, notes Caroline Ollivier, marketing director of textiles for Knoll Inc.

With the coat’s design as its focus, KnollTextiles researched, studied and gathered other supporting ideas, including some art gallery images to build the visual theme for the Contour collection. Out of that research, interwoven geometric shapes and circles in various scales began to take shape as the collection developed.

KnollTextiles Collection is ‘Distinct’

More than a year in the making, KnollTextiles worked with eight mills around the world to create the 2019 Contour collection. Fabrics from the collection are featured in a variety of formats and applications.

Most directly influenced by the coat, Bounce drapery plays with the scale and rendering of the coat’s circle and grid motif on a double width sheet. The digitally printed fabric is finished with a crushed effect to add texture and surface interest. From Bounce, KnollTextiles “moved the design forward by keeping the idea of the pattern layout, but enhancing it through color, scale and organic motifs,” Ollivier explains.

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The “distinct and impactful textiles” can be specified for many interiors, Ollivier says, noting that the collection has a high-end corporate or hospitality aesthetic.

2019 Contour Fabric Collection

In addition to drapery, the collection includes:

Five upholstery fabrics: KnollTextiles is the exclusive provider of commercial-grade Ultrasuede, and six new colors were launched for this collection. Upholstery pattern Code was woven on a clear warp, the first time the company has used this weaving technique.

Wrapped panel/wallcovering: KnollTextiles launched Pivot Stitch, its first embroidered wallcovering.

Wrapped panel: Tranquil is a wrapped panel fabric with sound-absorbing qualities.

Wallcovering: Galileo, Light Year and Milky Way are nonwoven environmental wallcovering made with wood pulp using highly sustainable manufacturing processes.

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