What’s Lost is Found in HBF Textiles 2019 Fabric Collection

June 10, 2019

HBF Textiles’ colorful Lost & Found Collection was designed by Christiane Müller and celebrates the historic techniques used to create fabrics.

Traditional craftsmanship and age-old techniques are brought from the past to the present at HBF Textiles’ Chicago showroom in theMART. The textile company’s newest collection, Lost & Found, was debuted at NeoCon 2019 and aims to celebrate the historic creation of fabric.

HBF Textiles partnered with designer Christiane Müller to create the rich variety of fabrics that comprise the entire line.

Müller has decades of international experience as a textile and surface designer. She has come to honor the culture and craftsmanship that goes into producing textiles, which can be seen in Lost & Found. Her goal for the collection is to ensure that age-old crafts not only survive, but are infused with new life.

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“The Lost & Found collection re-examines the rich world of textiles, reinterprets their techniques, reconnects us with their history, reflects on their meaning, reinforces their functionality, renews their significance, reaffirms their value and rediscovers their timeless beauty,” says Müller. “What is lost is almost found again.”

(Photo: From the HBF showroom exhibit. Credit: Adrian Thompson)

Lost & Found includes seven colorful patterns, including:

  • Crafted Felt
  • Crafted Cloud
  • Woven Memory
  • Timeless Twine
  • Enriched Boucle
  • Quilted Comfort
  • Cherished Knit

Each of the patterns has an inspirational story behind the technique used to create it, as Müller has always been fascinated by the beauty of assembling, repairing and mending of textiles.

(Photo: From the HBF showroom exhibit. Credit: Adrian Thompson)

For example, Crafted Cloud is inspired by Boro—an ancient Japanese tradition that gave poor farmers and fishermen the option to extend the life of their clothing. “In Crafted Cloud, the patchwork of stitches generates a longer-lasting fabric, and also tells the story of the owner,” she says.

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The collection is ideal for upholstery, drapery, wrapped panels and systems panels. Timeless Twine is the one pattern that can work for all applications. It’s a soft, yet strong chenille weave that tells a story about showing time and aging in a dazzling way.

“This fabric, with it’s rich patina, doesn’t want to look brand new and sterile,” says Müller. “It reminds me of the clothes you never want to throw away. They make you feel good, the longer you wear them.”

(Photo: From the HBF showroom exhibit. Credit: Adrian Thompson)

Designers can combine and interchange the seven patterns to create a look that’s solely unique.

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