4 Interesting Products From the Floor at NeoCon 2019

June 11, 2019

Tired of looking at new products found at NeoCon 2019? We aren't either. Check out these products Christoph Trappe found from Flexco, CF Stinson, Symmetry and Frasch.

Tired of looking at new products found at NeoCon 2019? We didn't think so. Check out these four products Christoph Trappe found from Flexco, CF Stinson, Frasch and Symmetry.

1. Flexco—Tuflex

FLEXCO® Tuflex® Force® is a premium-engineered flooring system designed for optimal use as sports flooring. 

Tuflex is a double-layered rubber flooring with a thick surface layer that resists wear from intense sports activities and a cushioned base-layer designed to absorb impact and reduce user fatigue.

It’s two layers are vulcanized together to provide long-lasting life and is guaranteed against delamination.

Ideal uses of Tuflex are in: Sporting facilities; weight rooms, locker rooms, physical therapy suites, or training rooms, animal facilities, veterinarian offices, dog day-care, animal rehabilitation education; multipurpose areas, gymnasiums and pool decks.

  • Tuflex is the only sports flooring that is Red List* Free (*As identified by the International Living-Future Institute.)
  • Tuflex is 100% recyclable
  • Tuflex has a 10-year performance warranty and a lifetime delamination warranty.

2. Chiaroscuro—CF Stinson

Chiaroscuro—the treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting—from CF Stinson.

(Write up from CF Stinson):

Lauren and I explored the treatment of light and shadow in various genres and ended up taking a deep dive into early and contemporary black and white photography as well as black and white film.

We used the filter of photography and film to create designs that focus on light and shadow.

Some key points about the collection as a whole:

  • 8 textiles; 66 sophisticated colors
  • Price range: $29 to $72
  • Meet requirements for Healthier Hospitals Initiative
  • Produced in America
  • Greengaurd gold certified
  • Bleach solution cleanable
  • Integrated pattern and color.

3. Switchback—Symmetry

Three-stage height-adjustable table. Three-leg with desktop and return from Symmetry.

4. Slade Acoustical Chair—Frasch

For Open office design: Instead of a phone booth, this is another option for privacy from Frasch.

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