Many Showrooms Feel the Felt Trend at NeoCon 2019

June 12, 2019

Felt is being found on furniture, floors, fabric and more at NeoCon 2019. These companies have found unique ways to incorporate the sustainable material within their showroom displays, products and booth swag.

Showrooms at NeoCon 2019 are feeling the felt trend. The material is a popular component of multiple displays found in theMART and can be found on a variety of products—from furniture and wallcoverings, to flooring and fabric.

Below are a few of the modern ways in which manufacturers are using this trendy textile.

Felt on Furniture

Studio TK incorporated felt into its new flexible modular table system, Freehand.

Designed by PearesonLloyd, the table’s extruded aluminum sides fit together to form a number of geometric shapes that can then be finished with tabletop surfaces, which include felt, leather, linoleum and glass.

Freehand’s aluminum sides are available in two shapes and three sizes, creating a breadth of options that allow users and designers to customize for their project needs.

Felt on Fabric

Felt is also making its way into upholstery, drapery and panel system applications. HBF Textile’s new Crafted Cloud pattern (left hand side, second textile down) from the Lost & Found collection contains felt that takes the shape of small puffs of clouds.

Crafted Cloud is inspired by Boro—an ancient Japanese tradition that gave poor farmers and fishermen the option to extend the life of their clothing.

[More on this collection: What’s Lost is Found in HBF Textiles] 

“In Crafted Cloud, the patchwork of stitches generates a longer-lasting fabric, and also tells the story of the owner,” says designer Christiane Müller.

Felt on Floors

Patcraft debuted a new collection that not only contains felt, but is also named after the material.

The flooring company introduced its third carpet tile collection within its Deconstructed line at NeoCon 2019, called Deconstructed Felt. It was inspired by a study of transparency and pushes the boundaries of traditional flooring by exploring the inner workings of product construction.  

Deconstructed Felt exposes the raw elements of the carpet’s construction and features texture and tactility that can help optimize authenticity within the built environment.

“To portray softness and dimension on the floor, yarn is layered on top of a felted backing to create a slub-like texture and a beautiful range of colors,” says Shannon Cochran, vice president of creative and design for Patcraft.

Available in several dynamic colors, the graphic styles vary in texture to add definition and can be used to mimic the layering of rugs throughout a space.

Felt Interiors

Interior Felt is one company whose display is solely focused on felt. Stephen Manchee, leather and felt design specialist for the company, discusses the material and how its displayed throughout booth 7-4005 with interiors+sources editor Janelle Penny.

Penny and I first noticed Interior Felt for the booth’s intriguing swag: dryer balls.

The dryer balls are made of 100% felt, which is not only a sustainable material, but is also recyclable, moisture repellent and less flammable than traditional textile components—making it a great component for multiple commercial uses.

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