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360 Video of Materials Pavilion at NeoCon 2019

June 12, 2019

Want a view of the Materials Pavilion everybody's talking about at NeoCon 2019? Check out over 400 material samples on display. Come learn about new products that’ll make your projects greener, smarter and safer.

Steven Sloan here, from the Materials Pavilion at NeoCon, 7-1000 on the 7th floor. Come check us out.

Over 400 material samples on display. Come learn about new products that’ll make your projects greener, smarter and safer.

Scroll around the screen to see the 360 view of the space.

(Videos taken by Christoph Trappe)

Enjoy the transcript

Christoph Trappe: Hello, everyone. It’s Christoph Trappe, chief content officer at interiors+sources. We’re still here at NeoCon at the Materials Pavilion with interiors+sources, of course.

And now, I’m joined by Paola Moore. She’s with MooreCo and Vanerum North America. And you guys designed and set up our seating area here in the Materials Pavilion.

Paola: Yes, we sure did. It was a lot of fun to work on it as well.

Christoph: Thank you for doing that. Talk about what inspired this, whatever you set up here.

Paola: So, there was a lot of thought. I come to NeoCon every year. And we wanted perceptions.

My first thing about NeoCon is I always freeze in this building. It’s very cold. So, we took that into consideration. We wanted to get it a little bit of warm, hence we chose rich fabrics with this velvety feel.

And then the furniture itself, they can stand alone in individual pieces or they group together into different configurations. So, we also wanted to make sure that stood out. That’s why we had different fabrics for different pieces.

And then I’m Latin American, so I like vibrant colors. We wanted to make sure that the booth was inviting and that it was vibrant, but in a subtle sort of way.

We are approaching the contract and design market. So, we really wanted to showcase the fact that we can custom make many different pieces. So, we chose finishes that are not necessarily available all the time.

We custom painted the base of our table to match the laminate, so little details like that really showcase the fact that we do a lot of custom work.

Christoph: Fantastic. Vibrant and comfortable, coming to you from the Materials Pavilion. Paola, thank you for your partnership.

Paola: You bet! Thank you for asking us. We loved it.

We love products. Don’t you? Here you go:

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