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Celebrate Apollo 11’s 50th Anniversary With These Space-Inspired Products

July 12, 2019

For the Apollo 11 50th anniversary, we’ve rounded up several space-inspired products and collections that can help you create an out-of-this-world interior. 

July 20 marks 50 years since spaceflight Apollo 11 safely landed the first two humans on the moon in the summer of 1969.

One of the most historic events for mankind, the success of Apollo 11’s landing fulfilled a national goal set out by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 and became an iconic legacy that would be talked about for years to come.

In celebration of the mission’s 50th anniversary, we rounded up a variety of space-related products that look to the sky and those that go beyond it for inspiration.

Check out our picks below to see how you can create a stellar interior that will have users feeling over the moon.

Manmade Mosaics

New Ravenna

For those who love mosaics, New Ravenna’s KIDDO: Wunderkammer Edition of tiles explores the essence of childhood and includes fun designs aimed at interiors for children.

One of the six whimsical designs, Personal Space, caters to the young minds that wish to travel to faraway galaxies.

Photo: New Ravenna Personal Spacefloor

Each of the tiles are fabricated by hand from myriad elements, including stone, brass, aluminum, 24k gold, antiqued mirror and jeweled glass. The hard surfaces are fun to look at and easy to clean, making them an ideal match for a kid-friendly setting.

Out-Of-This-World Walls


U.K.-based MuralsWallpaper is a company that continuously recognizes iconic anniversaries, such as 100 Years of Bauhaus, Brutalist architecture and Apollo’s 50th anniversary.

Photo: Horse Head Nebula Lifestyle and Pink Retro Space Lifestyle

It has dozens of space and galaxy wallpapers to choose from with images of shuttle launches, planetary nebulas, clusters of stars, horoscopes, our solar system and more.

All of MuralsWallpapers are sustainably sourced so you can create an out-of-this world wall while still being earth-friendly.

Photo: Astronaut Selfie and Intergalactic Bright Galaxy

Aimée Wilder

New York designer Aimée Wilder also explores the cosmic balance between the Earth, sun and moon in her new Eudaimonia collection. Eudaimonia is a Greek word commonly translated as happiness or “human flourishing,” which Wilder aims to translate in her collection of wallpapers, fabrics, rug and accessories.

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From the effects of the moon on the evolution of the natural world to the impact of astrological phenomenon, Eudaimonia captures the many ways surroundings can influence our psychological state and contribute to overall wellness.

The collection consists of two wallpaper and fabric patterns, Pyramide du Soleil and Earthlight, with an additional rug pattern, Eclipse.

Eclipse: The inversion of colors in this rug design suggests the effects of an eclipse. Rug colors are available in Obsidian, Mars and Harvest.

Photo: AW Eclipse Rug

Earthlight: Waxing and waning across this wallpaper and fabric design, the moon cycles through phases in a geometric pattern.

Photo: Vega, Helium and Astra colors

Named for the scientific phenomenon in which sunlight reflected from earth's surface indirectly illuminates the otherwise dark side of the moon. Fabric colors are available in Astra, Leo, Sol and Starr.

Pyramide du Soleil: A subtly optical pattern manifesting the ancient sun’s shadow and its balance with the earth, Pyramide du Soleil features pyramid and sun as they represent the illusive quality of time.

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It integrates pyramids and circles with diagonals and horizontal stripes, inspired by the continuous synchronicity that exists between the earth and the moon.

Wallpaper colors are available in Aquifer, Granite, Hanna, Juno, Lyra, Matrix, Nova, Obsidian and Solar.

DuPont Tedlar Wallcoverings

DuPont Tedlar Wallcoverings is another who looked to the skies for inspiration in its new Celestial Collection.

Patterns like Saturn, Volans, Orbital and Northern Lights put a contemporary spin on the cosmos.

Photo: Saturn Bedroom Pandora Blue

The subtle stripes found in the Saturn pattern, featured here in a hospitality and café setting, echo the magnified rings of the planet.

Photo: Saturn Cafe Calypso Original Color

Volans, also in a café setting, is inspired by the Volans constellation in the southern sky that looks like a flying fish.

Photo: Volans Cafeteria Light Gray

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