Valspar’s 12 Colors of the Year are Inspired by Nature

Oct. 14, 2019

The 12 Valspar colors of the year for 2020 are inspired by nature and the outdoors to bring color and serenity inside. The shades are more muted, but not for the color shy. Read what shades are deemed the 2020 Valspar colors of the year.

The 12 Valspar colors of the year for 2020 are inspired by nature and the outdoors to bring color and serenity inside. Sue Kim, Valspar color marketing manager for Sherwin-Williams, calls the shades livable and subtle while remaining colorful. 

(Photo: Valspar Color of the Year; Bombay Pink. Credit: Valspar)

“Our everyday world can be chaotic and overwhelming, but we continue to create an environment to find retreat and balance in our lives,” she says. “Even though we are looking for calm and balance, a space that has elements of sophistication and maturity are important and thought of as an investment in ourselves.”

(Photo: Valspar Color of the Year; Mint Whisper. Credit: Valspar)

With 12 colors of the year, there’s an opportunity to find a color that fits any space, mood or setting. According to a press release, each of the 12 colors of the year cultivate a safe, serene space that brings joy and comfort.

12 Valspar Colors of the Year:

Available at Lowe’s and independent retailers like Ace Hardware, the 12 Valspar colors of the year are:

1. Bombay Pink, pink like a spring sunset. (Lowe’s: 1006-8B, independent retailers: V078-3 Mediterranean Sunset)

2. Canyon Earth, reminiscent of the desert. (Lowe’s: 1007-9C, independent retailers: V082-4 Belfry Brick)

3. Desert Fortress, a neutral tone. (Lowe’s: 2008-10B, independent retailers: V134-2 Beach Dune)

4. Grey Brook, a welcoming pale blue. (Lowe’s: 5001-1B, independent retailers: V139-3 Lagoon Reflection)

5. Secluded Garden, a vibrant jewel tone. (Lowe’s: 5002-4A, independent retailers: V102-5 Ship Shape)

6. Pale Powder, a warm neutral. (Lowe’s: 3001-8A, independent retailers: V084-3 Emery Board)

7. Utterly Blue, to calm like a sea breeze. (Lowe’s: 4006-7B, independent retailers: V110-3 Barking Creek)

8. Winter Calm, a pale lilac meant to bring soothing and warm sophistication. (Lowe’s: 4001-1B, independent retailers: V127-4 Mystical Gray)

9. Crushed Out, a slightly pink off-white. (Lowe’s: 7001-19, independent retailers: V129-1 Romantic White)

10. Tempered Sage, a calm play off lime green. (Lowe’s: 6006-5A, independent retailers: V058-1 Ethereal One)

11. Mint Whisper, an icy blue bringing peace and positivity indoors. (Lowe’s: 5008-7A, independent retailers: V064-1 Ocean Silk)

12. Secret Moss, a calming dusky moss green. (Lowe’s: 5005-2A, independent retailers: V144-5 Thames Fog)

Using Colors in Commercial Spaces

Kim notes the versatility of the 12 Valspar colors of the year in commercial applications:

  • Healthcare: “The calmness and connection to nature are perfect for these spaces, especially senior living.” 

  • Hospitality: “Create an eye-catching look by embracing Bombay Pink, Secluded Garden and Tempered Sage.”

  • Public and transition spaces: Kim notes the neutrality of Winter Calm and Grey Brook as good choices for these areas.

Natural finishes pair perfectly with the colors of the year, Kim says.

“A neutral granite would be absolutely beautiful with Desert Fortress, creating a blank canvas for a mental breath—ideal for spa-like environments.

(Pictured: Valspar 2020 Color of the Year, Utterly Blue)

For elevated spaces, combine brass accents with the more saturated shades like Bombay Pink and Secluded Garden. If you’re looking for a new take on a traditional off-white, our Crushed Out is a hushed blush creating a sophisticated backdrop to deep shades of green and blues.”

Although the shades tend to be more muted, they aren’t for the color shy, she says.

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