Starry Acoustical Ceiling Panels Now For Any Budget

Nov. 14, 2019

Acoustic Geometry’s StarField Ceiling is now available in stock panel options. These starry acoustical products are available for smaller projects that can be installed at a more affordable price point. Learn more.

Projects that can use a little twinkle or shine have already had the option of using the custom-installed Acoustic Geometry StarField Ceiling Panels— sound-absorbent acoustical products that feature a starry sky effect.

Now, the stock StarField Ceiling Tiles are available to add a touch of the night sky to any space that has a drop-in ceiling at a more affordable price point with simple installation.

Photo: Previously only available in custom panels, the starry acoustical products are available for smaller projects that can be self-installed at a more affordable price point. Credit: Acoustic Geometry

“We wanted to create a StarField Ceiling panel option that was in stock and ready to ship for smaller projects or those requiring a quick turnaround time,” explains Kyle Berg, brand manager with Acoustic Geometry.

StarField can bring glitter and glow to any space and can be an unexpected addition to lobbies, showrooms, medical facilities—especially in children’s centers or departments—restaurants or meetings spaces, Berg says, explaining popular uses for the product.

The tiles are available for any room with a drop-in ceiling and are available in 24-inch-by-24-inch or 24-inch-by-48-inch sizes.

Photo: Custom StarField Ceiling panel projects can be any size, and they have a lot more customized features that can be integrated. Credit: Acoustic Geometry

Berg says that “aside from swapping out or adding an additional panel with a specific star feature, the stock panels aren’t customizable. However, the options for custom panels are endless, with regards to size, features and more.”

Photo: Acoustic Geometry’s StarField Ceiling is now available in stock panel options. Credit: Acoustic Geometry

Determine The Right Product For Your Task

Beyond level of customization, the three main differentiators between the in-stock tiles and the custom panels are:

1. Timing: The custom panels typically require a six-week lead time for delivery, while the stock options can deliver within a business week. Photo: Acoustic Geometry Starfield Galaxy

2. Installation processes: The custom panels can accommodate larger spaces with minimal seam installations, and the stock option is a better choice for smaller jobs or products centered on a ceiling grid.

3. Cost: Custom pricing varies based on project size and features, hardware and electronics. Berg encourages contacting Acoustic Geometry to get a price estimate. Ten-packs of stock panels with hardware are available in two sizes: 24-inch-by-24-inch for $2,916.99 plus shipping, or 24-inch-by-48-inch for $5,328.99 plus shipping.

To step up the “wow” factor even more, both products have the ability to host a light display. The stock option can have the stars twinkle and even has a shooting star feature as an addition to the stock 10-pack order.

Custom projects have the option for constellations, galaxies and other customizable features.

Both products ship with a power supply, RS232 controller and install hardware to connect to the room’s main power system. If you have a project or client that could use a little sparkle, you can get a starry look no matter the timing, application or cost.

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