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Nature Inspires Nina Edwards Anker’s New Bird Chair

April 7, 2020

nea studio founder Nina Edwards Anker drew inspiration from bird profiles for her new furnishings, Bird Bed and Bird Chair. Here’s how to use them in your next design.

Natural forms inspire some of the best designs. Biophilic design brings natural elements into everyday interiors to create spaces that people respond to intuitively. Nina Edwards Anker channels this phenomenon in her newest furnishings, Bird Chair and Bird Bed, which are inspired by the simple shapes birds make when they fly.

“I was looking at bird profiles, and my aim was to see how the shapes I find in nature can fit the human body,” Anker explains. “Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most powerful if you can get to them.”

Here’s how you can channel these nature-inspired concepts in your own designs.

(Photo: nea studio founder Nina Edwards Anker's Bird Chair; Credit: Caylon Hackwith​)

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How Design Takes Flight

Bird Chair and Bird Bed both mirror the profile of a bird on the horizon. Users can sit on the spread wings to read a book or recline in a courtyard. Bird Chair has one wing raised to serve as a backrest, while Bird Bed, which can serve as a daybed, has both wings flat. Both can accommodate up to two people and are crafted from flexible 2.5-millimeter-thick recycled aluminum that gently adapts to the user, Anker notes.

“It flexes to your body,” Anker says. “It’s kind of like a rocking chair in that it’s the same soothing movement that cradles your body. It moves with you instead of being like a hard rock.”

The powder-coated aluminum is available in any Pantone color or a natural anodized finish, allowing it to fit any setting. Specify light colors or classic white for hot climates or choose a darker color to provide a warmer place to rest in spring or fall.

Bird Chair and Bird Bed both have the option of anchoring into the ground for permanent outdoor installations; you can also specify it with a base for atriums, lobbies or other spaces where you might periodically move the furnishings. Wherever you place it, Bird Chair and Bird Bed create a soothing, graceful visual that serves as a focal point in any space.

(Photo: nea studio founder Nina Edwards Anker's Bird Chair; Credit: Caylon Hackwith​)

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