SiS Ergo’s New Height-Adjustable Work Desk is Ideal for a Post-Pandemic Workspace

July 31, 2020

The single-user M Nesting Table features a 90-degree flip-down top and a manual sit-to-stand feature with no power required.

Moveable, flexible furniture is more important than ever in the age of COVID-19. Workplaces and schools continue to adapt to physical distancing guidelines and are reconfiguring how their spaces are used.

Danish-based manufacturer SiS Ergo hopes to ease this massive transition by introducing its new single-user height adjustable work table, the M Nesting Table.

Photo: Agile furniture is a must nowadays. The M Nesting Table can be quickly arranged for training and small or large team meetings—while also meeting physical distancing requirements. Courtesy of Sis Ergo.

The work table features a 90-degree flip-down top and a manual sit-to-stand feature that requires no power.

Its small, lightweight profile means it can fit into restricting areas and be quickly stowed away in a closet or against a wall. The M Nesting Table’s petal-shaped top creates visual interest and allows for different group configurations.

Photo: The M Nesting Table’s small, lightweight profile means it can fit into restricting areas and be quickly stowed away in a closet or against a wall. Courtesy of SiS Ergo.

Below, Sis Ergo president Scott McPartlin discusses the table’s minimalist aesthetic, easy maintenance and an optional white board laminate feature.

interiors+sources: How did the company’s Danish roots influence the M Nesting Table’s design?

Scott McPartlin: Since our founding in Copenhagen, Denmark, more than five decades ago, we’ve always adhered to the core concepts inherent in Danish design: a clean, minimalistic aesthetic paired with simplistic functionality. All of our products are hand-made from scratch in Denmark. Customers can work directly with us for unique, custom-designed solutions. We’ve always been a bespoke Danish furniture maker with great design appeal. This is where we started with the M Nesting table. We envisioned a beautiful single-user height adjustable work table that could serve multiple needs and be easy to use.  

i+s: How can this product meet the needs of today’s modern worker?

SM: The coronavirus has shown that workers today—now more than ever—need flexible workspace solutions. We might be working from home one day, then at the office the next. The M Nesting Table is highly unique because it can work just as easily within an office setting as at home. In an office setting, its flip-top table can come with a dry-erase white board laminate, making it ideal for presenting and sharing.

It easily adjusts to a maximum height of 45.1 inches, creating a standing podium option. The tabletop’s flower petal design allows for multiple configurations; tables can be quickly arranged for training and small or large team meetings. This flexibility allows it to meet individual tasking or group collaboration needs, even while maintaining social distancing requirements. It can be easily cleaned, sanitized and stowed away. These are important benefits in the work world of today where ease of maintenance, space adaptability and user safety are top priorities. 

i+s: What is the most impressive project the table has found its way into so far?

SM: The product has been extremely well received by designers for its aesthetic, ease of functionality and adaptability. We recently completed a project for one of the world’s leading tech companies in one of its New York City offices. They are using more than 500 M Nesting tables. Many other nationally known companies are using the product or a combination of our tops and bases as a solution for their workers. We’re finding customers and designers appreciate the non-electric, manually operated spring-adjustment capability. This benefit allows designers to offer a height-adjustable solution, but without the constraints associated with an electric option.

i+s: What’s something that designers might be surprised to know about the product?

SM: The M Nesting Table continues to be designed and manufactured in Copenhagen, Denmark, ensuring its quality design and craftsmanship endures. Additionally, the manually operated height adjustable spring mechanism is an innovative advancement. Known as constant-force technology, it creates the same fluid movement at the top of the range as at the bottom, enabling a smooth user interaction every time. With different frame and surface top options, designers and users can create a personalized workstation that fits their needs, while also bringing a higher level of design sophistication. 

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