Formfeld 1 Wallcoverings

Nov. 29, 2023
The Formfeld 1 structure embodies dynamic movement, mimicking the swarming patterns of fish and birds.

Each Formfeld 1 panel is one-of-a-kind, offering up its own unique aesthetic and tone, dependant on the time of day and incidence of light. Available as wall panels or cladding and in various sizes and formats—47.244 in. W x 32.677 in. H; 56.693 in. W x 39.370 in. H; 168.110 in. W x 47.244 in. H; 44.095 in. W x 47.244 in. H.—it mimicks the ebb and flow of swarms of fish and birds. Formfeld wall panels are mostly made of solid wood, from oak to volcanic sandstone, improving the acoustics by enhancing sound distribution.