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Immerse Yourself in Color with HGTV Home’s 2021 Color Collection of the Year

Oct. 21, 2020

Available exclusively at Lowe’s, HGTV Home’s designer-inspired Color Collection of the Year features 10 complementary colors, including the home and lifestyle brand’s 2021 Color of the Year.

As a new year fast approaches, it is once again time for big color reveals and trend announcements from well-known brands in the interior design industry. This includes HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams, which recently revealed its distinguished 2021 Color of the Year: Passionate.

Photo: 2021 Color of the Year, Passionate

Described by the home and lifestyle brand as timeless and elegant, Passionate is a deeply saturated, bold red that invigorates the senses. Rich in hue, the dark energy of the pigment is modern but contains historic influences.

Ashley Banbury, HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams senior color designer, says shades of red have continually circulated in various decades from the past, but are most commonly known for how they were used in design for Craftsman style homes. “The colors from the era are inspired by nature, in particular fall foliage—colors are richly natural with saturated elegance,” she notes. “Red was often used to highlight simple yet charming architectural details—this use of color and design element is being brought back in our home, and when combined with modern furnishings it has a new interpterion and modern appeal to the shade.”

Along with 2021 Color of the Year Passionate, HGTV Home also revealed a paired 2021 Color Collection of the Year, the Delightfully Daring Color Collection, which is composed of earthy tones inspired by nature with a touch of vibrancy.

Photo: Diamond Weave from the 2021 Color Collection of the Year Delightfully Daring

Available exclusively at Lowe’s, the designer-inspired Color Collection of the Year includes 10 complementary colors that are influenced by experiences, virtual and real, to create a reveal-worthy style. Passionate is the cornerstone of the Color Collection, pairing easily with all the colors of Delightfully Daring.

Photo: Long Horizon from the 2021 Color Collection of the Year Delightfully Daring

The 10 colors found within the 2021 Color Collection of the Year Delightfully Daring include:

  • Dark Bronzetone (HGSW2501)
  • Diamond Weave (HGSW3166)
  • Bohemian Lace (HGSW4052)
  • Passionate (HGSW2032) – 2021 Color of the Year
  • Long Horizon (HGSW2371)
  • Pale Apricot (HGSW1126)
  • September Skies (HGSW1333)
  • Breezy Aqua (HGSW1335)
  • Cloverfields (HGSW2302)
  • Copper Kettle (HGSW2121)
Photo: September Skies from the 2021 Color Collection of the Year Delightfully Daring

“The current cultural climate has created a state of overstimulation and information overload which has encouraged trends to live life with minimalism. Consumers are eager to streamline and simplify their lives and homes, but that doesn’t mean we need to forgo having fun with color,” says Banbury. “When used thoughtfully in design, color can be immersive and incite emotion. Whether it be monochromatic or colors with high contrast… color is now being used as the main accessory in a space to embody a sense of comfort and confidence.”

Photo: Cloverfields from the 2021 Color Collection of the Year Delightfully Daring

Throughout much of 2020, the merging of our physical and virtual experiences has increased the amount of time spent at home, setting the stage to push the boundaries of color in our surroundings.

Banbury notes that incorporating colors inspired by nature and using color in exciting new combinations can create dreamlike spaces that transform the home from dull backdrop to an active and inspiring space that fuels creativity, productivity and promotes an inviting and calming lifestyle.

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